Broad Street Playlist Recap for 3/6-3/11

Recapping the past week, check out everything you missed, a sneak peak of next week, and the weekly Spotify playlist!


Broad Street Playlist Recap (for 3/6-3/11)

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly recap for the Broad Street Playlist! Click here to see last week’s recap. As always it’s your weekly recap highlighting all of the albums featured in the past week, a special Spotify playlist featuring songs from all of the albums, and a preview of the next week. So let’s get started shall we?

Monday, March 6th 2017

On Monday, we highlighted The Tragically Hip‘s Music @ Work as the fifth album. The Tragically Hip with Music @ Work bring their unique quirkiness and originality to the stage. The variety of the songs found on the album shine as Gordon Downie‘s lyrics paint a complex picture using words, guitars, and drums. An undeniable uniqueness and originality, Music @ Work is sure to please. Click here to read more on Music @ Work.

Tuesday, March 7th 2017

Day six brings us a working class band out of Exeter, England… The JamThe Jam was a punk rock band and arguably one of the three most important punk bands to come out of the United Kingdom during the late 1970s (along with The Sex Pistols and The Clash). We threw it back to 1977 with their debut album, In The City. One of the most important punk albums from the United Kingdom in the late ’70s… only overshadowed by their compatriots. An effective balance of punk and mod, In the City is an album that help define a genre. Click here to read more on In the City.

Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Day seven travels across the English Channel to France, home of pop punk band, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! By the time a band hits the third album, you hope to see some growth. Some evolution of their sound. As well as some consistency. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! hits all three of those out of the park with Get Lost, Find Yourself. The album combines several different sub-genres of punk and hard rock into one genre hopping titanic of a LP. If the band was lost, it found itself with this album… click here to read more on Get Lost, Find Yourself.

Thursday, March 9th 2017

Day eight stays in France, but ditches the guitars for the turntables. Daft Punk, now giants in the EDM and techno music scene started it off with one album back in 1997, with Homework. It’s a colossal album that put the French duo on the scene and helped cement their names as one of the biggest acts in EDM/techno music. The album is 20 years old this year and still holds up damn near perfectly when compared to the albums of today. Click here to read more about Homework.

Friday, March 10th 2017

Day nine, moves on from France and travels up to Sweden, home to alternative (and hard) rock duo, JohnossiJohnossi is one of the biggest musical acts in Sweden and throughout the rest of Europe.With their fifth album, Blood Jungle, they make a push to expand their influence and audience outside of the borders and boundaries of Europe and into North America (specifically, the United States). Blood Jungle is an interesting and unique album that has an incredibly seductive flow about it. It’s energetic, yet chilled out rock that covers many different genres of rock. Click here to read more on Blood Jungle.

Saturday, March 11th 2017

Day number ten returns us to the United States and takes a trip to Tennessee for pop-punk band, Paramore. In previous years of the project I have discussed my guilt-free and shameless love for Paramore. While I was hooked by RIOT! I went back and bought their debut album All We Know Is Falling. Some bands instantly strike lightning in a bottle or strike gold with the debut album and then fizzle out. All We Know Is Falling is rough around the edge despite have some excellent production. However, it is far from their worst album. It is a decent album that shows off the keys for future success for the band. Click here to read more on All We Know Is Falling

A Sneak Peak of Next Week

Next week will bring to the project some loud and local artists, highlighting a taste of the Philadelphia music scene. Of course, coming to project might just be some pretty big and influential albums of the 1990’s. I don’t want to spoil anything, so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

Spotify Playlist of the Week

So here is your playlist for this week, featuring five songs from each album. If you are unfortunately at work while reading this, shouldn’t you be working? But regardless, unplug your headphones, crank the volume up, and get your co-workers together for a sing along or a work time dance party.

That does it for this week’s recap, tune in next week to see what albums get featured!

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Year 5, Day 9: Johnossi Takes a Walk on the Wild Side with “Blood Jungle”

Johnossi’s fifth studio album is the most ambitious to date and their headiest one as well.

Year 5, Day 9: Johnossi – Blood Jungle


Track List

  1. Blood
  2. Air is Free
  3. Hands
  4. Freeman
  5. Weak Spots
  6. On A Roll
  7. Tall Dark Man
  8. Hey Kiddo
  9. War/Rain
  10. Got Your Gun

About the Album

Blood Jungle is the fifth studio album from Swedish rock duo, Johnossi. The album was released February 17th 2017 through Universal Music. The album hit number seven on the Swedish charts.

Thoughts on the Album

Johnossi is one of the bands closest to my heart. For those that are unfamiliar with Johnossi, allow me to explain at bit about them. Johnossi is a duo, a guitarist and drummer. The band’s name is an amalgamation of the guitarist (John Engelbert) and the drummer (Oskar “Ossi” Bonde). How would I describe their sound? Like a two man army. Engelbert’s unique and unorthodox guitar rug combined with the myriad of effects pedals turns Engelbert’s guitar into a one-man army. Bonde’s straightforward drumming fused with Engelbert’s unorthodox full guitar sound created a force to reckoned with. To read about Engelbert’s guitar sound click here. If you want more info on Johnossi, click here.

Now with that brief introduction out of the way, let’s talk about today’s album. Johnossi‘s sound over the years has evolved. However, while over the last decade, they’ve made massive success in Europe, they’ve haven’t made in-roads here in the States. But it’s not for lack of trying, as they’ve been delivering arena (and Richter Scale) rocking anthems for the last decade. With Blood Jungle, the duo once again expands their sound and scope. The one thing over the years that has remained consistent has been the simple, minimalist approach of guitar and drums.

The album opens with the energetic and rather uplifting, Blood. The album’s sound (and standard) is established here and doesn’t deviate too far from it. It’s got big time arena rocking power from start to finish. The anthemic songs found on the album continues with lead single, Air is FreeAir is Free changes up tempo, slows it down slightly, but continues to bring the noise. It’s a track that is full of big hooks and memorable melodies. Another track on the album similar to Air is Free is Tall Dark Man.

Hands is an interesting track. Combining hard rock with indie folk, the track is a thought provoking one about police brutality. With it’s catchy hooks and jangly guitar riffs, it takes the band’s sound into seemingly uncharted waters. Other highlights include the dance-punk, Freeman with it’s driving drums and soaring riffs; the mysterious arena rocker Tall Dark Man. The album closes with the energetic arena rocking anthem, Got Your Gun. 

Some of my favorite tracks have to be FreemanGot Your GunHands, and Blood.  


Overall, Blood Jungle is an interesting and unique album. The transitions between songs on the album flow almost seductively, enticing you to continue listening. While John Engelbert‘s songwriting continues to get better and shines, the help of outside songwriters on this album helps the album stay on point. Blood Jungle is an energetic yet chilled out rock album that span several different genres of rock. Featuring several songs that will become part of the band’s already arena rocking playlists, Blood Jungle shines with it’s big hooks and unforgettable melodies.

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Year 4, Day 2: Johnossi – All They Ever Wanted

Year 4, Day 2: Johnossi – All They Ever Wanted

Track list

  1. 18 Karat Gold
  2. Party With My Pain
  3. Send More Money
  4. Train Song
  5. In the Mystery Time of Cold and Rain
  6. Zeppelin
  7. Bobby
  8. All They Ever Wanted
  9. Up in the Air
  10. Lie Lie Die
  11. Break Into School (Late At Night) (iTunes bonus track)

About the Album

All They Ever Wanted is the second studio album from Swedish rock duo, Johnossi. The album was recorded in late 2007 and early 2008 and released on March 27th 2008. The album was released through V2 Music Scandinavia and Universal UK.

Thoughts on the Album

Johnossi is a Swedish rock duo consisting of guitarist and frontman, John Engelbert and drummer Oskar “Ossi” Bonde. The band’s name is a portmanteau of the duo’s names. They thing I love about Johnossi is that they produce a huge rock band sound with only a guitarist and drummer. This is featured on all their albums, most specifically their first and second album.

Today’s album is the Swedish rock duo’s sophomore release, All They Ever Wanted. The album takes you on a poetic, angst-ridden trip through the heart (and mind) of frontman John Engelbert. The album is louder than their self-titled debut. That’s how this band operates: playing “hard as fuck”, giving your ears an eargasm from a sonic assault.

This album has me torn. I like, but man does it not hold up well to either it’s predecessor or it’s successors. It’s always hard to live up to the expectations after the debut album. That doesn’t mean the album doesn’t have tracks that stand out. Lead single, 18 Karat Gold was a huge single throughout Europe at the time. Engelbert’s haunting and heart-breaking vocals reverberate throughout the song. The track is a mix of melody and muscle. The track Up in the Air is an excellent power pop style song…. with an excellent power pop chorus. Party With My Pain, the next big single from the album is an ideal mix of minimalism and pure expressionism. The track samples a line from The Presidents of the United States‘ song Lump before it dissolves into loud and bombastic garage rock.


While not as good (to me) as their debut or their third and fourth albums, Johnossi‘s sophomore album All They Ever Wanted is one that should be listened to at least once. While it doesn’t entirely ditch the more folksy and bluesy riffs, it a pure rocker. The album lays it’s hand on the rock side and doesn’t look back. Definitely give it a listen.

Check out other reviews of Johnossi albums: here, here, and here! Need a primer on Johnossi? Click here!


Year 3, Album 3: Making Some Transitions with Johnossi

Year 3, Album 3: Johnossi – Transitions


  1. Into the Wild
  2. Gone Forever
  3. E.M.
  4. Everywhere (With You Man)
  5. For A Little While
  6. Alone Now
  7. Seventeen
  8. Bullbear
  9. Tell the World
  10. Great Escape

About the Album

Transitions is the fourth studio album by Swedish rock duo, Johnossi. The album was released in March of 2013 through Universal. The album peaked at number five on the Swedish charts. Johnossi consists of guitarist and vocalist John Engelbert and drummer Oskar “Ossi” Bonde.

Thoughts on the Album

The Swedish rock duo of John Engelbert and Oskar Bonde, otherwise known as Johnossi, are one of my favorite bands. Engelbert’s guitar effect pedals and distortion effects turn an otherwise ordinary acoustic guitar into a beastly machine that melts faces off. And Bonde, could be one of most underrated, as well as, unknown drummers out there. His powerful beats and wailing away on his drums driving the rhythm and the songs. The duo turn their otherwise ordinary instruments into arena-filling music makers.

With Transitions, the Swedish duo add a smattering of keys into their sound. Engelbert relying primarily on his guitar effects to flesh out a full band style of sound. This album finds the duo fleshing out their sound and approach, creating a much more heavier and thicker sound when compared to their 2010 album, Mavericks.

Transitions opens with a rather dark building number, Into the Wild. The track features heavily Engelbert’s big, warm voice incanting wearily over fuzzed-out guitar and skittering synth effect. The soong comes in at over a whopping six minutes long, so normal radio play with this song probably wasn’t and isn’t in the picture.

The album then hits it’s stride with the hugely melodic and incredibly catchy, Gone ForeverGone Forever welcomes a tempo change: it picks up. This track has an anthemic piano riff and giant chorus. By giant chorus, I mean, to quote the philosopher Bryzgalov, it’s humongous big. It’s chorus is a soaring one. It’s a well-written and easily accessible fist-pumper you could easily imagine being launched out over a sea of eager music festival-goers somewhere.

One of my personal favorite songs from this album is, Everywhere (With You Man). Much like Gone Forever, it is a hard-charging track. But whereas Gone Forever is more dark, Everywhere (With You Man), is more up-tempo. Much like Gone Forever, it has a soaring chorus. It’s a soaring radio-friendly hit.

Highlights/Lowlights: The track Seventeen might be another favorite of mine. It gives the back end of the album some much needed bombast and bravado. The guitar riffs stand out here. Bull/Bear isn’t a very strong song. It’s straightforward, but does little to differentiate itself from the other tracks.


Transitions is Johnossi‘s first release in the United States since 2007. This band, if you have a chance to see them live, do. They are a hell of show, much like their Swedish contemporaries Mando DiaoTransitions does in fact mark a transition for the Swedish duo. They add some keys, synth effects, and piano, but keep their traditional sound. The album features some heavy hitting, arena-filling, rock anthems. Definitely worth a pick up.

Year 2, Day 13: Johnossi… Swedish Mavericks

Year 2, Day 13: Johnossi – Mavericks


  1. Mavericks
  2. Dead End
  3. Houses
  4. Roscoe
  5. Bed on Fire
  6. What’s the Point
  7. No Last Call
  8. Come Along (There’s a Gene)
  9. Worried Ground
  10. Sickness

About the Album

Mavericks, is the third studio album from Swedish duo, Johnossi. The album was released in 2010. Johnossi consists of frontman and guitarist John Engelbert and drummer and backing vocalist, Oscar “Ossi” Bonde.

Thoughts on the Album

Of course, I wouldn’t forget about one of my favorite Swedish acts. Johnossi‘s third studio effort, Mavericks shows a musical maturation of the duo. Their debut (and self titled) album, Johnossiloud, in your face, raw, and unpolished. Their second studio album, All They Ever Wantedshowed the start of a maturing process in the Swedish duo. And now, we come to the third studio album. I should quickly mention, yes, they are a duo. No bassist, no rhythm guitarist, no keyboardist. Also, John Engelbert, the guitarist, uses an incredibly unorthodox rig and myriad of effects pedals to make his acoustic guitar sound turn into a full guitar sound in lieu of other instruments.

This album contains two of my favorite songs by JohnossiWhat’s the Point and Sickness. But first, lets talk about the first few tracks shall we? Mavericks opens with the title track, Mavericks. Mavericks opens with a light acoustic guitar riff before Engelbert starts singing. It stays this way for a good portion of the song with various percussion pieces mixed in and coming and going throughout the track. Engelbert’s voice echoes and pierces through the calm and silence. The track builds up and builds up and crescendos to a point where the drums kick in and Engelbert steps on his effects pedals and the guitar blasts out a riff that makes you want to rock out to it.

The next track, Dead End, sounds like The Killers‘ song, When You Were Young. The key word being “like”. The guitar does sound similar to The Killers, but that’s where the similarities end. And before we start levying accusations of plagiarism, lots of songs sound similar to other songs. That’s the way music is. Either way, Dead End is a pure rocker.

Before we go any further lets talk about the duds on this album. As much as I like the album, there are some weak points on it. Bed on Fire is an excellent example. Johnossi is at it’s best when it’s loud, angsty, and rocking. Bed on Fire is the exact opposite; it’s a slow ballad, while angsty, really messes with the rhythm and pacing of the album. Houses is a less weak song. It’s slow, but the lyrics and guitar riffs and chords make up for it. 

So, what tracks are the stand outs? What’s the Point is the most recognizable song from the album. It’s a pure arena rocker and is sure to get you singing along to it. From the opening guitar riff and drum beats, you will be clapping along to it as well. It’s one hell of a catchy song. It has a big soaring chorus that Engelbert masterfully belts out. 

The final song from Mavericks, Sickness is another arena rocker. But I see this one mainly used as a closer. It starts off with that guitar riff from Engelbert building up before the drums of Bonde kick in. It contains one of the biggest choruses I have ever heard and it’s only a few words: “It’s just a sickness”. Bonde’s “yahoos” echoing in the background as Engelbert belts out the main verses. The song contains a big rock ending. It’s just the main guitar riff with a solo mixed in combined with everything else. Instead of just ending abruptly, Sickness fades out. A perfect way to end a good album.


Remember when I said there are a few things that Swedes are good at? Making music is one of them. Creating world class ice hockey players are another. Johnossi‘s Mavericks falls into the “good music” category. Of course, you will have to decide for yourself. Engelbert’s vocals are just as sharp and crisp as ever. Bonde’s drum work is pristine and rocking. Engelbert’s guitar sounds just as heavy and clean as ever before as well. If you have 44 minutes to spare, pick up this album and give it a listen.

Day 3: Johnossi

Day 3: Johnossi – Johnossi

Track Listing

  1. The Show Tonight (3:50)
  2. Execution Song (2:14)
  3. Glory Days to Come (2:54)
  4. There’s a Lot of Things to Do Before You Die (2:38)
  5. Man Must Dance (2:34)
  6. Family Values (3:30)
  7. Press Hold (4:34)
  8. From Peoples Heart (2:58)
  9. Santa Monica Bay (2:35)
  10. The Lottery (4:00)
  11. Summerbreeze (2:52)

There aren’t many rock duos that pack a punch, like Johnossi do. With their 2006 self-titled debut album, Johnossi, they come out swinging and don’t stop until the final seconds of “Summerbreeze”. The Swedish duo have earned comparisons to the Black Keys and White Stripes with this album. Sweden’s version of the American White Stripes and they damn near come close to achieving it.

Thoughts on the tracklist

You would think that Johnossi could pack any punch with the folksy and clean acoustic intro of the opening song “The Show Tonight”, but that thought is erased when the clean acoustic guitar is replaced with Engelbert’s distorted electric guitar and kicks down the soft acoustic into harder, edgier rock. With this album, Johnossi seemingly loves to fuse, smash, and crash different genres into one… such as the bluesy ballad “The Lottery”, slamming into Southern rock. Contrast that to the folksy blues porch picking of “Man Must Dance”.

“The Execution Song” sticks out the most. Rapid-fire vocals that are strung out over guitar that slices and dices it’s way through the verses and pounds away through the choruses. As one person put it: “a throwback to 1960’s style garage rock”. Need a head-rush? “The Execution Song” provides that.

“Glory Days to Come” mixes gloom-pop with hard rock with a driving vocal bridge of “shoot baby shoot”. Lyrically speaking, it’s not half bad with lines like “You don’t built a city in a day, but in twenty years you should have something”.

“Man Must Dance” is the magnum opus of the album. It goes from a bluesy, porch-picking style of guitar and music and slides into a sharp post-punk sound.

“Man Must Dance” stands out as the most ear-grabbing tune on the set list, from the casual lope of its acoustic-guitar riff to Bonde’s subtle interjections on percussion. But then those creationist-baiting lyrics pop up, and suddenly Johnossi is working on a whole new level of intrigue: “We’re the people/ The happy with the broken hearts/ The ones who draw a picture and proclaim that it’s art/ But you, and you, and you and you/ You’re just an animal developed into,” sings Engelbert, as if pointing a wild finger to the members of his audience.

While the sound and style may make dramatic shifts during the album, lyrically, the themes rarely change with most revolving around soul-searching and/or angsty situations

Some are poignant, like the wishing-for-a-happy-home “Family Values”; some are reassuring, like the self-explanatory “There’s a Lot of Things to Do Before You Die”; although (uniquely) the pretty, yearning “Summerbreeze” is outright nasty.

Thoughts on the Album

It’s definitely a lot different from anything I have ever heard before. A album that can swing from various styles of rock and does it effectively where you’re not wanting to play something different. With his many different guitar effects and set up, Engelbert turns a seemingly boring, plain, and clean acoustic sound into a dirty, distorted, and echoing sound.

I wouldn’t say that this album puts this band on the same levels as either the Black Keys or the White Stripes, but it puts them close to that level.


That said, so long as the Swedes continue to flatter Americans listeners, American listeners will continue to love them. There’s just something endlessly tickling about hearing the rock ’n’ roll canon sung back to us with a Scandinavian accent. And with plenty to chew over lyrically and music to knock your socks off, Johnossi is proving the power of two’s might.

The Execution Song:

Man Must Dance:

Artist of the Day: Johnossi

The duo of Johnossi: John Engelbert and Oskar “Ossi” Bonde

Day 3’s artist of the day comes all the way from Stockholm Sweden, it’s the rock duo of Johnossi. Johnossi is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter John Engelbert and Oskar “Ossi” Bonde, hence JOHN-OSSI. Their sound can be characterized with Engelbert’s full guitar sound which is created and supported by his myriad of effects pedals and the unorthodox set up which is complimented by Bonde’s straightforward driving beats. Interesting side note: Bonde has been quoted as saying that he modeled his style of drumming after Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Grohl formerly of Nirvana, currently of the Foo Fighters.

There many different musical styles that appear in their music ranging from hard rock, to bluesy riffs, to post-punk, and even “gloom pop”. The musical styles are accented by the lyrics, which are very personal and angsty.

Their first album was released in September of 2006. Their first album featured the song “The Execution Song” which was featured in EA Sports’ NHL09. Their second album All They Ever Wanted was released in 2008, followed by Mavericks in 2010.

While not on the same level as some other rock-duos, they are stylistically in the same ballpark as other duos such as the Black Keys, the White Stripes, and Mr. Airplane Man.