This is my project for Lent, a musical journey through 40 albums up to Easter Sunday. Why call the blog the “Broad Street Playlist”? I got my inspiration from where I went to school: Temple University. Music is a part of life… and big part of life at Temple University. While I was attending Temple University, I was introduced to some of my favorite bands/artists; Mando Diao and Johnossi are prime examples.

That said, you probably will (probably) not recognize many of the bands or artists that I list and that is perfectly fine. Who knows, maybe you will introduced to a new favorite band or artist or even song. That is what music is about; it’s about discovery. Discovering new favorite songs, new favorite bands/artists, or even rediscovering old favorites. Remember, choosing what music you listen to is like picking what sports teams you root for. It’s subjective. What bands/music I like is completely different from what you like, and that’s the beauty of it!

After completing it’s fourth year in 2016, the Broad Street Playlist features 160 different and unique albums spanning the genres of pop, rock, alternative, indie, Rock en Español, punk, grunge, hard rock, metal, ska, and much more. For a complete list of every album, check out this handy page here!

With four years in the bag, the Broad Street Playlist is looking to grow and expand to new places. With some more ambitious parts of the project being detailed as year 5 begins. What might these big and ambitious plans be? Come back starting Ash Wednesday 2017 to find out!

If you’d like to see the complete list for year one click here, for the complete list for year two click here, for year three click here, for year four click here!


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