Year 5, Day 31: The Zutons’ say that “You Can Do Anything”

Year 5, Day 31: The Zutons – You Can Do Anything


Track List

  1. Harder and Harder
  2. Dirty Rat
  3. What’s Your Problem
  4. You Could Make the Four Walls Cry
  5. Family of Leeches
  6. Don’t Get Caught
  7. Bumbag
  8. Always Right Behind You
  9. Put a Little Aside
  10. Freak
  11. Give Me a Reason
  12. Little Red Door

About the Album

You Can Do Anything is the third and final album from English rock band, The Zutons. The album was released on June 2nd 2008 through Deltasonic Records in the United Kingdom. The album peaked at number six on the United Kingdom Albums Charts. The album is also the first album with the band’s new lead guitarist Paul Molloy after the departure of former lead guitarist Boyan Chowdhury.

Thoughts on the Album

The third album for most bands is make or break for them. This album had “recipe for disaster” written all over it as they had the rather acrimonious departure of their lead guitarist, Boyan Chowdhury and produced in Los Angeles by a producer known for more working with hard rock acts. Strangely enough however, they found a way to regroup and stick together to produce a consistent and concise albeit middling album, You Can Do Anything. The album continues to highlight their seemingly eclectic influences (think of everything from Funkadelic to Madness to Captain Beefheart).

The problem is, while the is consistent and concise, it’s more towards the middling side. The album opens with the scorcher, Harder and Harder. A track that has a certain kind of swagger about it. The band strikes gold with Harder and Harder right off the bad, but then can’t follow it up with Dirty RatDirty Rat seems like the band tried too hard to make a ballad, but got lost along the way. While it’s atmospheric, it’s aimless. However, they recover nicely with the foot-stomping What’s Your Problem.

Other than What’s Your Problem and You Could Make the Four Walls Cry, the only true gem and instant hit found is the lead single, Always Right Behind You. Always Right Behind You is a roughly three and a half minute jazz rock party tune. It’s got a glam rock sheen all about it. While a cheesy track, it’s high quality cheese. Going back to You Could Make the Four Walls Cry, makes gives the song it’s strength is the vocals from saxophonist Abi Harding.


A consistent and concise albeit middling effort. While there are diamonds in the rough, like Harder and Harder, What’s Your Problem, You Could Make the Four Walls Cry, and Always Right Behind You, there’s just not enough there. It’s a decent album that is hampered by sub-par songwriting and just overall blandness in a shade of beige. However, there the track like lead sing Always Right Behind You and What’s Your Problem are able to lift the album up if only to decent.

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