Year 5, Day 30: Some “American Candy” from The Maine

Year 5, Day 30: The Maine – American Candy


Track List

  1. Miles Away
  2. Same Suit, Different Tie
  3. My Hair
  4. English Girls
  5. 24 Floors
  6. Diet Soda Society
  7. Am I Pretty?
  8. (Un)Lost
  9. American Candy
  10. Another Night on Mars

About the Album

American Candy is the fifth studio album from Arizona based rock band, The Maine. The album was recorded from November to December 2014 and released on March 15th 2015 through 8123 Records. The album debuted at number 37 on the Billboard 200, number three on the Billboard Independent Albums, and number nine on the Billboard Top Rock Albums charts.

Thoughts on the Album

You know, modern rock, much like pop-punk and alternative rock, are crowded genres in today’s music scene. In order to separate yourself from everyone else, you have to create something that no one has heard before. That’s where The Maine come in. The Maine are a testament to how they have succeeded in the genres of alternative and modern rock since 2007 when compared to their counterparts. Since then they grown (and grown up) and matured their sound without compromising their core values, and adapted their sound to an ever shifting music scene. And thus you have one of their most well rounded albums to date, American Candy.

The album starts off the laid back, barn-burning opener, Miles Away. It’s got an air of Americana and heartland rock. The chorus soars and is immensely catchy, as you will find yourself singing along. I can see myself cruising friends down the Turnpike or some other highway singing along to this jam. It is an anthem, and pays homage to all of the homes away from home while on the road. Another track that found in the same vein as Miles Away, is English Girls. It’s a track with another infectiously catchy chorus that packs punch. English Girls seems to channel a very 90’s rock feel to it with it’s guitar riffs and chords. The song is a clear winner from the album.

The second track, Same Suit, Different Tie is a perfect compliment to Miles Away and provides for a great transition to My Hair. My Hair, is the first track to take risks and experiment on the album. My Hair has slow churning verses that just give way to a jam session of a chorus. It provides variety and diversity, keeping the pace on the album; all while keeping the album’s first half from becoming too congested. 24 Floors is easily one of the most lyrically intense songs on the album. It is a poignant and sincere track. Probably my favorite track from the album, just for how beautiful it is.

The entire lynch pin of the album rests with the eponymous track, American Candy. A track that is explosive. It pulls out all of the stops as it represents the band’s ability to continue to push their sound to the next level. The album closes with a massive sing-a-long in Another Night on MarsAnother Night on Mars reminds a lot of the closing track on their album, Can’t Stop, Won’t StopWe’ll All Be… a strong end to an incredibly strong album.


The Maine are one of the hardest working bands in the music industry. Yet despite being one of the hardest working bands in the industry, they are still vastly underrated. American Candy is an incredibly strong, refreshing, and clever album. It may not pack as much punch as previous releases from the band, it is consistent throughout and stays relatively true to their signature sound. There are many catchy and carefree jams on this album that’ll have you singing along to them. It’s an album that despite the simplicity of the individual parts, it’s more than just that; more than just a sum of it’s parts. As the band states in Am I Pretty?

There’s beauty and grace, in the flaws of your face.

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