Year 5, Day 29: This “Makeshift Monster” from 18th & Addison brings more joy than fright

Year 5, Day 29: 18th & Addison – Makeshift Monster


Track List

  1. War
  2. Moving Mountains
  3. Postcards
  4. Hide & Seek
  5. My Old Skin
  6. Disaster by Design
  7. All & Everything
  8. Knives
  9. Little Secrets
  10. Fix Me Again
  11. Under the Water

About the Album

Makeshift Monster is an album from New Jersey based band, 18th & Addison. The album was released on July 15th 2016 through their own label 18th & Addison LLC.

Thoughts on the Album

I remember creating a playlist on Spotify and coming across recommended songs to add. One of the songs to add to said playlist was Like Porcelain by 18th & Addison. Skeptical, I clicked play and was immediately blown away by the production value and the sound. It was crisp, but raw. It was so melodic and catchy, I listened to it about five more times before checking out the band’s Little Parasites EP. From there, liking what I heard, I moved on to today’s album, Makeshift Monster.

Here’s the thing: anyone can make pop-punk. Anyone. But not everyone can make GOOD/GREAT/EXCELLENT pop-punk. That my friends, is an art form. It’s an art form that 18th & Addison painted perfectly with this album. Every song has such rich and lush melodies that just catapult you into every song. I’ve found that dual vocals rarely seem to work, but the dual vocals on this album are both wonderful, but are blended seamlessly throughout. I feel like an excellent example can heard on the tenth track, Fix Me Again. Both voices compliment each other perfectly on the this track (and throughout the rest of the album). I think one of the reasons why I loved Fix Me Again, isn’t because its an acoustic number, but because it offers contrast. It’s a softer, lighter track that provides some levity. It provides some contrast when paired up with the preceding track, Little Secrets.

War, the lead single of the album, is probably one of the more “heavier” tracks on the album, and has serious power pop tone to it. It’s complete with some rather striking riffs that back the song with some high octane energy. I feel like War and the follow up track Moving Mountains would’ve fit on a radio station like Y-100. But since Y-100 (rest in peace) is no longer around, I feel like both of those track should receive airplay on Radio 104.5. One of the other standouts is All & Everything. It is a lyrically fantastic song.


Great pop-punk is an art form. It’s an art form that 18th & Addison almost mastered already with Makeshift Monster. A lyrically strong album that boast excellent dual vocals. Not only are the lyrics and vocals strong, but the music is strong as well. At no point on the album do the songs break away from the formula that Kait DiBenedetto and Tom Kunzman created. The melodies are rich and lush. The hooks are infectious. The production is sharp and crisp. There is no doubt that the duo of DiBenedetto and Kunzman have talent; Makeshift Monster is their self-released, “Welcome to the party” moment. It’s an album that takes the best of alternative rock, modern rock, power pop, and pop punk and combines them into one extremely enjoyable album.

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