Year 5, Day 28: We Have some “Current Affairs” That are Medium Rare.

Year 5, Day 28: Britta Persson – Current Affair Medium Rare


Track List

  1. Annoyed to Death
  2. Meet a Bear
  3. Toast to M
  4. Some Girls Some Boys
  5. For the Steadiness
  6. If You Don’t Love Him
  7. Big Fuss
  8. Time Machine
  9. He Flies a Jet
  10. Still Friends

About the Album

Current Affair Medium Rare is the third studio album from Swedish indie pop rock musician, Britta Persson. The album was released on September 6th 2010 through Selective Notes/Razzia Records. The album peaked at number 31 on the Swedish charts.

Thoughts on the Album

Let us end the week with some lighter sounds from the music wonderland that is the Kingdom of Sweden. In the overcrowded world of alternative/indie rock, it is hard to separate yourself from others. It’s all about creating a product that is easily accessible to listeners, original and unique, all without sounding too cliched or overdone. Triple the difficultly for female artists. But Britta Persson, with her Swedish All Star Band created am elegant album that is both spiky and snarky.

Current Affair Medium Rare is an album that is both light and airy and heavy and guitar driven. These are some smart, spiky, and snarky pop-rock songs that engage the listener. The album has some bold melodies and infectiously catchy hooks. The album has a big band sound, but it’s not as bulky. It’s “light on its feet” so to say. Tracks Big Fuss and For the Steadiness contain some of the album’s biggest and rather catchiest choruses. These choruses form a nice counterpoint for the more subtle and subdued melodies heard throughout. Though the chorus on For the Steadiness sounds a bit uncomfortable as it sounds like it spliced together with slower verses.

However, For the Steadiness is a great pop rock song. Especially when combined with the equally excellent, Annoyed to Death and Toast to M. A Toast to M is an incredibly sweet and touching song that is a touching reflection on a friend’s suicide. The song has a curious but never accusatory or condemnatory attitude.  It’s the refrain of Toast to M that absolutely soars high; a refrain that is oddly anthemic.

The album takes a tough and tender approach to pop-rock, featuring artfully deliberate guitar-heavy driven melodies and hooks. Another interesting find was the minor-key guitar riff that winds its way through If You Don’t Love HimMeet a Bear is an intriguingly dark track.


I will admit that Current Affair Medium Rare is a frontloaded album. While the second half seems to falter, overall it is a solid album throughout. If you’ve listened to Persson’s 2008 album Kill Hollywood Me, you may be slightly disappointed. But overall it is an excellent follow up album.

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