Year 5, Day 27: Runner Runner’s entry into Modern Rock

Year 5, Day 27: Runner Runner – Runner Runner


Track List

  1. So Obvious
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Paper Cuts
  4. Heart Attack
  5. Hey Alli
  6. Life After You
  7. Falling
  8. She’s My Kinda Girl
  9. Dedicate
  10. I Can’t Wait
  11. See You Around
  12. Running Away

About the Album

Runner Runner is the self-titled debut album from pop-rock band, Runner Runner. The album was recorded during 2010 and released on February 15th, 2011 through Clear Entertainment/Capitol RecordsClear Enterainment is the record label of David Letterman. The album peaked at 185 on the Billboard 200 and peaked at number three on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. Lead single So Obvious, peaked at number 37 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart.

Thoughts on the Album

Today I figured, “hey… let’s go with something that’s generally easier on the ears. Something that’s more modern and mainstream rock sounding.” And so I scoured my music library and found this hidden gem from 2011. Runner Runner‘s self-titled debut album. The band itself is a reinvention of the successful pop-punk band, Over It. The main drawback of the album (and arguably the band,) is that it sounds too much like other modern rock albums. The production of the album is sharp and clean with pop sheen flowing throughout. While some of the songs are kinda forgettable, over-produced and somewhat auto-tuned, for the genre of pop-rock/power pop, it’s top notch.

The album opens with the the lead single So Obvious. The song was originally off a 2008 EP, that had been reworked. The result is a song that lost some production from it’s predecessor. The subtleties added to the album version of So Obvious make it a much stronger, catchier, and much fuller song. What you get are effects that play off of both the instrumentation and the lyrics… which for example is the soft heartbeat heard at the end of the song and during the breakdown.

Unstoppable brings the power-pop to the album. Previously released as a single, the song received some more production. The hooks are catchier and will have you singing a long after a minute or two into. However the some slight auto-tune in the song is a drawback, but not one big enough to take down the song. She’s My Kinda Girl is another track in the vein of So Obvious. It’s a track that’ll have you singing and dancing along.

I Can’t Wait is a beautiful track that is stripped down. An acoustic number that while light, it soulful and heartfelt without being too cheesy and cliched. Hey Alli, is one of the band’s previously released songs. Much like the songs on the album that were previously released, it gets an update and that update helps the song overall.


Runner Runner brings together some of the bigger and biggest elements in pop, rock, and power pop. While the album has flaws, none of them are big enough drawbacks that distract the listener. The album brings together easily accessible pop rock that will have you dancing and singing along to it and more emotional elements that’ll pull at your emotions. This is pure, unadulterated mainstream rock at it’s finest.

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