Year 5, Day 26: Moneybrother’s Blood Panic

Year 5, Day 26: 


Track List

  1. Reconsider Me
  2. It’s Been Hurting All the Way With You Joanna
  3. Don’t Call the Police
  4. Keep the Hurt At Bay
  5. The Pressure
  6. Positive Vibrations
  7. Golden Lonely
  8. Don’t Stop
  9. Feeling Getting Stronger in the Dark
  10. Can’t Stop
  11. Stormy Weather

About the Album

Blood Panic is the debut album from Swedish rocker, Anders Wendin and his solo project, Moneybrother. The album was released in Sweden and Europe on May 9th 2003, through Burning Heart Records. The album peaked at number seven on the Swedish charts, and was awarded a Swedish Grammy for Best Rock Album. The album is certified Gold in Sweden.

Thoughts on the Album

Moneybrother is the solo project of Swedish rock musician, Anders Wendin. Hailing from the the musically outstanding Kingdom of Sweden, Moneybrother is like a one-man wonder band. Blood Panic takes rock and makes it soulful. Anders Wendin‘s voice and vocal range is just as impressive as it is great. The album is full of power and vigor, creating a nice, new, and original sound. Take elements of soul, ska, reggae, and pop fused them together with alternative rock and you have a sound that is unique and original. From the hook laden opener, Reconsider Me to the rock of Positive Vibrations, the album has catchy melodies and hooks that’ll have you singing along to it.

One of the strengths of this album is is composition and production. With silky smooth production, the album feels like nothing is missing at all. Not many of the songs on this album lack a finishing touch. There is a huge sound complete with a brass section and a pounding and bouncing rhythm section that paces the album. The instrumentation is so elaborate, you’d think that you were listening to something else entirely. Not only that, no one section overpowers the other, allowing you really feel the big band backing Wendin. Songs like Reconsider MeIt’s Been Hurting All the Way With You Joanna, Positive Vibrations, and Stormy Weather all cross genres. But the songs leave you with a wonderful mix of rock, pop, and soul.


The Kingdom of Sweden is like a factory. It churns out rock bands and hockey players. Moneybrother is a product of this factory. Taking traditional Swedish rock and roll and combining it with elements of soul, reggae, and ska, Blood Panic gives you an aural sensation of a rock band with a big band sound.

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