Year 5, Day 25: More Loud and Local with Dave Hause

Year 5, Day 25: Dave Hause – Bury Me in Philly


Track List

  1. With You
  2. The Flinch
  3. My Mistake
  4. The Mermaid
  5. Shaky Jesus
  6. Divine Lorraine
  7. Dirty Fucker
  8. The Ride
  9. Helluva Home
  10. Wild Love
  11. Bury Me In Philly

About the Album

Bury Me In Philly is the third solo studio album from Dave Hause of The Loved Ones. The album was recorded from August to September 2016 and released on February 3rd 2017 through Rise Records. The album peaked at 79 on the German Albums Charts.

Thoughts on the Album

Bringing it back home to Philadelphia today with some more loud and local sounds from Roxborough native, Dave HauseHause has been a staple of the Philadelphia punk scene with the band The Loved Ones (among other bands). Hause looks to be making the transition that Frank Turner and Chuck Ragan have done: from punk rocker to folk rocker. Though that is easier said than done. But with his third solo studio album, Hause puts himself well on that path to success.

Bury Me In Philly builds off of his previous two solo releases. Hause puts on display his incredibly smart and clever songwriting abilities with this album. He cleverly and deftly fuses wit and heart-on-you-sleeve emotion throughout this album. Of course, what good is smart and great songwriting without a great voice? Dave Hause has a stellar voice, and if you’ve listened to his previous two solo efforts, you can tell how his voice compliments the mellower vibes.

Bury Me In Philly is Hause’s love letter to Philadelphia; references to the City of Brotherly Love is found all over the album, like a cheesesteak whiz wit. Helluva Home, a harmonica driven track that is an ode to one’s roots and about being far from home. Dirty Fucker, a working class rocker with slightly less snarl than a Dropkick Murphy’s song. The Flinch comes at you with some self-deprecation, while talking about soldiering on no matter what life may throw at you. The album opener, With You, has a piano driven melody that starts the album off on the right foot. It’s a foot stomping track that just dives the album.


As a Philadelphian, I constantly ask myself, “If I leave Philadelphia, does Philadelphia ever leave me?” And I can safely say without a doubt that Philadelphia stays with you some way shape or form. That’s what Dave Hause asks with Bury Me In Philly. Throughout the album, you can really sense and feel the city of Philadelphia. The city of underdogs. Constantly overlooked, underpaid, and territorial. It’s an album that reminds you that if you are a Philly native, you have community that’ll do just about anything for you. Bury Me In Philly, is the Philadelphian’s version of Americana and heartland rock; it’s less folksy and country, and more blue collar and punk.

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