Year 5, Day 24: Beatsteaks’ “.limbo messiah”

Year 5, Day 24: Beatsteaks – .limbo messiah


Track List

  1. As I Please
  2. Jane Became Insane
  3. Sharp, Cool & Collected
  4. Meantime
  5. Demons Galore
  6. Cut Off The Top
  7. Bad Brain
  8. She Was Great
  9. Soljanka
  10. Hail to the Freaks
  11. E-G-O

About the Album

.limbo messiah is the fifth studio album from German punk rock/alternative rock band, Beatsteaks. The album was released on April 2nd 2007 through Warner Music Group. The album released the European Top 100 Albums chart and peaked number 58 on the German Music Charts.

Thoughts on the Album

The Beatsteaks are one of the biggest names in German rock around. Hell, they are one of the biggest rock bands in Europe. A famous German rocker by the name of Farin Urlaub once asked, “How can you just sit down quietly with the Beatsteaks?” (rough English translation). The Beatsteaks may just be one of Germany’s and Europe’s best kept secrets. The album was released in 2007 throughout Europe, but took three years to reach our shores. But as a testament to just how great this album is, it sounds like a contemporary album.

I’ll admit that jumped around when it came to Beatsteaks albums. First starting off with Smack Smash, then going into Boombox, and finally arriving at .limbo messiah. Right from the get-go, the album opener As I Please, raises your eyebrows and makes you ask yourself, 1) “What the hell did I just listen to? and B) What have I been missing? It’sa track that cranks it up to 200 on the tempo. It’s a track that sets the bar high for the rest of the album, which is a great thing for an album opener to do. A great hard rock number that transitions into the second track…

Jane Became Insane. A cross-genre stomping track that has excellent vocals from frontman Arim Teutoburg-Weiss. Insanely catchy with a Schizophrenic guitar riff and a pre-chorus that sounds like it’s from a Rancid song. The drumming is what gives this song excellent flair. You can hear The Hives and some Queens of the Stone Age influences in this song, however light influences they are. Meantime is a track that could have been a massive smash hit if in the hands of someone like Dave Grohl and a massive music television friendly music video. Definitely a summer type song that is incredibly melodic. You can hear some Britpop mixed with some reggae and then punched out with easily accessible three-chord punk that permeates throughout the track. Meantime is a track that shines through melody, not force.

She Was Great, was a surprising find on this album for me. Given all the cross-genre splicing that the songs around this one do, this track is a revelation. With a simple and incredibly sexy bass line, some incredibly infectious falsetto vocals, and a great hook, it sounds like it could have been written in a post-Paul WellerThe Jam. The timeless hooks are what keeps this song with me at all times, enough when it came from out of nowhere.


“Wie kann man bei den Beatsteaks ruhig sitzen bleiben?!” Farin Urlaub sings on Die Ärzte‘s Unrockbar. The rough translation into English comes out to, “How can you just sit around quietly with the Beatsteaks?” And I have to agree with him. .limbo messiah is a hiding gem amidst a crowded sex of alternative rock and punk rock. An even more aggressive follow up to Smack Smash, this album had it’s home on the music app on my iPhone and probably won’t be evicted anytime soon. It’s an incredibly multifaceted album that crosses genres, but doesn’t lose any of it’s steam, heart, or feeling.

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