Broad Street Playlist Recap for 3/20-3/27

Broad Street Playlist Recap (for 3/20 – 3/27)

Hi-diddly ho, neighborinos! Welcome back to the Broad Playlist Recap for the week of March 26th. Click on the following link to go to last week’s recap! Let’s just get right down to it, here is your weekly recap!

Monday, March 20th 2017

On Monday, we discussed Hall and Oates’ self-titled release, Daryl Hall & John Oates. Everyone has a favorite Hall and Oates song. Don’t lie, you know you do. It was an album that was a turning point for the duo as the album while maintaining it’s blue collar, Philadelphia blue-eyed soul, added an element of pop. The production is quite crisp and sharp.Containing the breakthrough smash hit, Sara Smile, this album is a remarkably consistent one. Click here to read about Daryl Hall & John Oates!

Tuesday, March 21st 2017

On Tuesday we took a trip to 1980’s West Germany and West Berlin for Die Toten Hosen‘s concept album… Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau. Considered to be the band’s best album to date, and one can see why. Containing their trademark style of hardcore punk, the album is musical version of the movie A Clockwork Orange, which is based off the dystopian fiction novel of the same name. Combining elements of Beethoven‘s 9th Symphony, the music delves deep into life of Alex DeLarge, the main character of the movie/novel. It’s the German version of Pink Floyd‘s The Wall. Click here to read about Ein Kleinese Bisschen Horrorschau!

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

From the 1980s German punk scene to the 1990s Seattle music scene, we took a look at Pearl Jam‘s Ten. Pearl Jam’s best selling album and most successful album to date, brought grunge rock to the mainstream. A classic album that made grunge music easily accessible to the masses. Ten is an album that help propel grunge and eventually alternative rock into the mainstream. An album that you feel the catharsis with every riff, howl, and drum hit. Click here to read more about Ten!

Thursday, March 23rd 2017

On the halfway point of the project, we went from the birth of alternative rock to the mid-2000s pop punk classic from Mayday ParadeA Lesson In Romantics, is an album that doesn’t try to change the world or save pop punk. Nope. What it does do is follow a formula that produces heavy catchy hooks. Chock full of sing-a-long choruses and magnificently catchy guitar riffs, A Lesson In Romantics, is an album that has the hooks, the heart, and the style that blows competitors and fellow pop-punk albums out of the water. Click here to read about A Lesson In Romantics!

Friday, March 24th 2017

On Friday, we stopped the clocks with German punk band, the Donots. Coma Chameleon is an album that is caught in between albums. It’s got a more mature sound to it, but tries to cling to the old in-your-face, lightning paced riffs. It’s album that marked an evolution into a more alternative rock sound. It’s a good album that has it’s flaws, it endears itself to the listener. This one is definitely for the do-it-yourself(er), click here to read about Coma Chameleon!

Saturday, March 25th 2017

On Saturday, we looked at and listened to Metallica‘s self-titled album, otherwise known as The Black AlbumMetallica‘s most successful album, marked a maturation in their heavy metal. Gone were the blistering thrash metal riffs and in were the heavy, powerful, and thunderous power chords and riffs. An album that contains at least three of the band’s most easily recognizable songs, it’s no wonder why the band’s popularity exploded. Click here to read more about The Black Album!

Previewing Next Week!

What does the next week have in store for us? Definitely thinking it’s time we when back to some loud and local products. Maybe some Swedish indie rock? Maybe some Canadian alternative? Come back next week to find out!

Spotify Playlist of the Week

See you all next week!


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