Year 5, Day 13: Anti-Flag’s “For Blood and Empire”

Year 5, Day 13: Anti-Flag – For Blood and Empire


Track List

  1. I’d Tell You But…
  2. The Press Corpse
  3. Emigre
  4. The Project for a New American Century
  5. Hymn for the Dead
  6. This is the End (For You My Friend)
  7. 1 Trillion Dollar$
  8. State Funeral
  9. Confession of an Economic Hit Man
  10. War Sucks, Let’s Party!
  11. The W.T.O Kills Farmers
  12. Cities Burn
  13. Depleted Uranium is War Crime

About the Album

For Blood and Empire is the fifth studio album (first major label release) from punk band, Anti-Flag. Recorded during 2005, the album was released on March 21st 2006 through RCA Records.

Thoughts on the Album

I love a little Anti-Flag every now and again. For those who have never heard Anti-Flag before, they essentially take catchy riffs and fuse them together with top quality bass lines, along with an incredibly solid rhythm section. This is the band’s first major label release, and can safely say that why the band’s sound matured, but other than that not much else has changed.

One of my favorite tracks from the album is the second one, The Press Corpse. It brings the noise with classic Anti-Flag sound. The bass lines on this song are fantastic and it’s not very often where the guitar plays a backseat to the bass. The backing vocals are excellent and add a great addition to the song. Overall, one has to be impress by how catchy this song is. Another track I liked was War Sucks, Let’s Party. The song adds an element of dance punk to it as the experiments with different sounds and styles. The guitar riff is catchy and jumpy and makes you want to dance. It is a great late album song that highlights the band’s diversity and will keep the listener entertained. However the one thing I didn’t like was the flow of the verses and chorus. Could have been work to flow better, but it really doesn’t detract too much from the song.

Of course it is time to talk politics. For those that thought that a major release would turn all of the band’s songs into ballads or love songs, well you are sadly mistaken. It has just as fervor than previous releases, except this time it is based less on sloganeering and more on facts.


In the last 17 years, there was a need for more politics in music. A need for bands to call out the government. To call out corporations for ethical business practices. Anti-Flag has always been a band that blended their music and politics excellently. Politic music has the power to open up the listener to many of society’s problems. However, it is impossible to change people’s minds with lousy music… just ask those in the white supremacy movements. For Blood and Empire is album whose bark matches it’s bite. It’s an album that has both passion and intelligence.

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