Year 5, Day 10: “All We Know Is Falling” shows off Hayley Williams’ dynamic voice in Paramore’s debut.

“All We Know Is Falling” is a great example of debut album that isn’t a band’s best work, but shows off the band for future success.


Year 5, Day 10: Paramore – All We Know Is Falling


Track List

  1. All We Know
  2. Pressure
  3. Emergency
  4. Brighter
  5. Here We Go Again
  6. Never Let This Go
  7. Whoa
  8. Conspiracy
  9. Franklin
  10. My Heart

About the Album

All We Know Is Falling is the debut album from pop-punk band, Paramore. They album was released on July 26th 2005 through Fueled By Ramen. The album, while failing hit the Billboard 200, reached number 30 on the Billboard Heatseekers, as well as number four on the UK Rock Chart. The Album has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Thoughts on the Album

As a few of teenagers in my youth group know, I have a soft spot in my music library (and heart) for Paramore. I can’t begin to say enough great (and amazing things) about Hayley Williams‘ voice. As I’ve stated before, they are a fun band to listen to… and I have zero shame or guilt about listening to them. Fun (and unrelated) fact: if you’ve sung vocals on the video Rock Band or it’s many sequels, it can be awkward to sing along to a Paramore song.

Anyway… if you’ve never heard Hayley Williams sing before, you should. Her voice is powerful. So powerful it can carry an album, and this power is on display with Paramore‘s debut album, All We Know Is Falling. Williams is one of the few dynamic frontwomen that can command and captivate a live audience. While it is easy to dismiss All We Know Is Falling as just another album in emo emo genre, it’s more than that. It is also easy to dismiss this album, period, but the album was an indicator of future success as they debuted a certain type/formula of pop-punk that fused angst with catchy and memorable hooks that would be developed on RIOT! and brand new eyes.

What surprised me about this album, is just how polished it sounds considering the ages of Williams and the Farro brothers at the time of the album’s release in 2005. Hayley Williams was 17 and Zack Farro was just 15. Man… I don’t remember doing anything that memorable at those ages. I digress. Given the ages of the member of the band, it is remarkable how polished this album is.

The songs Pressure and Emergency are powered by Williams’ string and dynamic vocals along with hard rock guitar riffs. The riffs and vocals give these two songs life. These two tracks feature the band at it’s most confident and best. The differences between Emergency and Pressure are slight, but noticeable. Emergency, which I consider the best song on the album, has more attitude and atmosphere about it than Pressure or even All We Know. It’s a track that easily switches between being subdued and vicious at what I can only describe as “breakneck speed”. The melodies are more solid and sound and the chorus is absolutely gorgeous.

The album opens with three songs (All We KnowEmergencyand Pressure) while it closes with three of the more interesting and different sounding songs (ConspiracyFranklin, and My Heart). For example, All We Know is arguably the hardest and heaviest track on the album. It’s immediately noticeable from the crunch of the guitars in the intro. This is eschewed by Franklin, which is the most delicate track on the album. That delicate melody of Franklin is almost obliterated by the borderline metal of My Heart, which is complete with distorted riffs and screamed vocals.

While my main qualms about the album is its pacing and track selection. Some tracks seem out of place, but not so much were it distracts you from listening. Each song has something that saves it from being forgettable or distracting. For example, Never Let This Go has an incredibly triumphant bridge and solo. Most likely, the album focuses too much on Hayley Williams’ voice and puts too much on it.


For a debut album, it’s great, but like most debut albums it’s not the best. But it is certainly not the worst. Given the ages of the band members at the time, they’ve written a great debut album filled with angst-ridden lyrics and catchy pop-punk hooks. It’s album that’ll appeal to the core listeners while appealing to a wider audience. While it’s Paramore‘s how to say it, least amazing album, it’s worth a listen. All We Know Is Falling gives away hints of future greatness from Williams and company.

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