Year 5, Day 7: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Says it’s All About Getting Lost and Finding Yourself.

A genre hopping titan, Get Lost, Find Yourself is Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’s ticket for stardom.


Year 5, Day 7: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Get Lost, Find Yourself


Track List

  1. Playing Dead
  2. City of Light
  3. The Other Line
  4. Set it Straight
  5. Pull You Under
  6. What Goes Around
  7. Worst Case Scenario
  8. Twist the Knife
  9. Get Lost, Find Yourself
  10. Every Moment

About the Album

Get Lost, Find Yourself is the third studio album from French punk rock band, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! The album was released on May 15th 2015 through Fearless Records. The album peaked at 113 on the Billboard 200 as well as peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums and 13 on the Billboard Alternative Albums.

Thoughts on the album

I forget how I came across Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! I think it was through Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist. The band has a unique sound that takes on a life of it’s own. The first track I heard from this band was the single, The Other Line from today’s album, Get Lost, Find Yourself. The album is fuses melodic hardcore punk with pop-punk undertones. The result is an album that is melodic, heavy pop-punk that is filled with catchy hooks and hard chugging riffs.

Get Lost, Find Yourself opens up with the lead single, Playing Dead. To me, it’s not the best of the album, but after listening through the band’s discography, I can say it’s a classic Chunk! song. It’s filled with catchy hooks, infectious riffs, a chorus that is damn near unstoppable, and a breakdown that’ll have you ready to slam dance your way through the day. However it’s in the little things. The little nuances that causes the band to outdo themselves. The way the band weaves infectious hooks and bouncy breakdowns transitioning from light to heavy songs on the album is a sight to behold (and listen to).

Usually be the third album, you like to see the growth that a band has made or is making. The other single from this album, The Other Line, is the best example of how much growth the band as made. The song starts out with vocals from frontman Bertrand Poncet and a simple chugging guitar riff. It just builds and builds and builds until the other instruments kick in, creating a driving melodic aural experience. This is accented and highlighted with a brief breakdown featuring Poncet’s gutteral growls.

Set It Straight is the closest to pop-punk on the album that I could find; complete with a jangly clean guitar intro and harmonizing gang vocals. Synth riffs interposed with heavy guitars gives it a pop sheen, but doesn’t go too far into pop, with the guitars bringing it right back to the hard stuff. The breakdown-to-chorus reprise is a definite must listen to on this track. Worst Case Scenario goes briefly into pop for a few seconds, with it’s acoustic guitars that seemingly saunter the song into life before the heavy electric guitar riffs bring the tune crashing right back into the pop-punk. The chorus of this song with infect your consciousness, that’s how catchy it is.


Between the catchy hooks and heavy riffs, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! released a genre hopping titanic. Get Lost, Find Yourself crosses many different genre lines: melodic hardcore, metalcore, pop-punk, and melodic hardcore. But it never stays in one genre for too long, allowing the listener to gain introspective into the growth that the band has made. The choruses are infectious and soaring. The guitars bring the noise with heavy and chugging riffs that drive the album. Get Lost, Find Yourself is the definition of an amazing summertime album, being released in May 2015. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! if they were lost, they definitely found themselves with this album.

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