Happy Fifth Anniversary! Introducing the New (and Improved) Broad Street Playlist!

May I present, the new and improved Broad Street Playlist! Now celebrating it’s fifth birthday!


Welcome back to the Broad Street Playlist! It’s been a whole year, unless you count that Top 10 of 2016 post. Can I just say, that you all look amazing. Like seriously, you all are so dang gorgeous. And holy crap, we’ve undergone some renovations! It was our Christmas present; also, here at the Broad Street Playlist™, we take that whole “new year, new you” thing seriously. Meet the brand spanking new, sparkly, and cleaner looking, Broad Street Playlist… now with 200% more chances at catching that elusive Cyndaquil you’ve been walking around looking for!


But seriously, it is the fifth anniversary of the project’s creation and boy do we have a huge line up of albums waiting for you! We’ve may have switched themes, added a fresh coat of paint, and gave it a tune up, but we are still the same 40 albums in 40 days project. I feel like this statement is old hat by now, but… once again, if you ever wanted to get a looking into my music library or see/listen to my taste in music, this is it. As always, I’ve been adding new bands and albums into my music library that I’ve been wanting to share with you all! There are very few things in life that I enjoy more than discovering new music.

So then, welcome to year number five! It’s Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras and I’m giddy with excitement to start sharing with you all. But like most good things, you’ll have to wait for the official start of Lent to see some albums. So until then… why not check out some of last year’s 40 albums in 40 days? Or why not check out my Top 10 albums that received regular play time from me in 2016? Those don’t tickle your fancy? Well check out the albums from years one, two, and three!

You want more, you say? Well then… here’s a refresher if you don’t know what this project is about. Want to see a breakdown of artists and albums? Check out this link! Still want more? How about a simple demographic of where each band/artist is from? Of course, if really want, you can read the introductions from years one, two, three, and four… but I mean you’re a braver man than I am if you do that.

It’s hard to believe this project is five years old. Here’s to the best year of the Broad Street Playlist ever!


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