Year 4, Day 39: The Bravery – The Bravery

The Bravery’s self-titled, eponymous debut album features a slick take on 1980’s new wave and 2000’s post-punk revival/modern rock.


Year 4, Day 39: The Bravery – The Bravery


Track List

  1. An Honest Mistake
  2. No Brakes
  3. Fearless
  4. Tyrant
  5. Give In
  6. Swollen Summer
  7. Public Service Announcement
  8. Out of Line
  9. Unconditional
  10. The Ring Sing
  11. Rites of Spring

About the Album

The Bravery is the self-titled debut album from New York alternative rock/indie rock band, The Bravery. The album was recorded in 2004 and released on March 14th 2005 through Polydor Records in the United Kingdom and Island Records in the United States. The track An Honest Mistake, was featured in the EA SPORTS video game MVP Baseball 2005. The track Unconditional was featured in the Activision video game Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. And track Swollen Summer was featured in the PlayStation 2 game, Gran Turismo 4.

Thoughts on the Album

Last two albums of the year. Let’s do this.The mid-2000s were an interesting era of music. You had the emergence of genres like dance punk which were offshoots of pop-punk and alternative/indie rock. That’s where The Bravery enter. Their debut album, The Bravery was an incredibly slick twist on 1980s new wave and dance rock fused with modern rock of the 2000s. The eleven track album is pure and luscious synth driven dance punk. Or if you would call it, new wave revival… complete with chugging guitar riffs, bouncing bass, hi-hats, and luscious synth riffs.

Lead single, Unconditional, is one of the best songs on the album. The steady and cascading drums drive the song while the high synth line compliments it. Frontman Sam Endicott‘s low almost guttural voice croons an urgent plea…

I just want, I just want love
I just want something
Something for nothing

What impressed me about this album is the ability of the band shift from Franz Ferdinand style dance rock/punk to soaring, guitar-driven choruses, much in the vein of the The Killers.

Another strong song on the album is Fearless. The track contains a bright and somewhat brassy synth hook that’ll have you foot tapping along to it. Another standout is the funky Public Service Announcement. The track musically has a funky drum beat, a bright and bouncing bassline, and a simple, yet beautiful guitar riff. It’s a song that has a sense of fun and abandon. Of course, then there is my favorite track from the album, the opener, An Honest Mistake. When I first heard the song in MVP Baseball 2005, I was instantly hooked. Everything about the song I loved. The guitars, the synth, the drums, the bass, the vocals… everything.


In high school there was always a debate: The Bravery vs. The Killers. It was essentially my generation’s version of Metallica vs. Iron Maiden. Personally, I always favored The Bravery, but both made excellent music. The Bravery is an album representative of the new wave-post punk revival of the mid-2000s. Complete with catchy synth hooks, funky and driven drums, and pop-punk/dance punk guitar riffs, The Bravery makes for a fun album to listen to.

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