Year 4. Day 30: Madsen – Goodbye Logik

German rockers Madsen bring a style of passion and socially minded rock and roll that transcends any language barrier.


Year 4, Day 30: Madsen – Goodbye Logik


Track List

  1. Du schreibst Geschichte
  2. Ein Sturm
  3. Piraten
  4. Goodbye Logik
  5. Ich rette die Welt
  6. Unzerbrechlich
  7. Ich komme nicht mit
  8. Der Moment
  9. Happy End
  10. Ein Produkt
  11. Euphorie

About the Album

Goodbye Logik is the second studio album from German rock band, Madsen. The was recorded in 2006 and was released on August 11th 2006 through Universal/Vertigo Records.

Thoughts on the Album

Music is one of those things that transcends any kind of barrier, especially with language. That said, it’s one of the reasons why I love bands like Sportfreunde StillerDie Toten HosenDie Ärzte, and today’s band… Madsen. I may not be able to speak German or understand the literal translations, but it’s the music that transcends languages and borders. Today’s album is the second studio album from German rock band MadsenGoodbye Logik.

The album opens with the bombastic Du schreibst Geschichte. I couldn’t think of a better way to open this album up with. The vocals are sharp and crisp, the guitar work drives the song, and at no point does the track sag or get bogged down. Du schreibst Geschichte, which translates into “You Write History”, is followed up by Ein StrumEin Strum opens with some clean guitar riffs before the drums kick in and the vocals follow in soon after that. It’s a good alternative rock track. Ein Strum translates to “A storm”. One of the best tracks on the album is the tender and heartfelt, Der Moment. It’s a heartfelt and at the same time, heartbreaking track.


Short and sweet today. When Goodbye Logik was released it helped to propel the band into the German rock scene. It popularized the band’s style of positive, passionate, and social-minded rock and roll. The album has an incredible youthful energy about it, considering it’s ten years old. It’s simple rock and roll with infectious hooks and riffs. The tracks have never failed to lift up my mood. The lyrics found on Goodbye Logik are unpologetically sweet, irresistibly witty, and charming.

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