Year 4, Day 29: Journey – Escape

A massive and timeless album, Journey’s “Escape” redefines the rock genre for the 1980s.


Year 4, Day 29: Journey – Escape


Track List

  1. Don’t Stop Believin’
  2. Stone in Love
  3. Who’s Crying Now
  4. Keep on Runnin’
  5. Still They Ride
  6. Escape
  7. Lay it Down
  8. Dead or Alive
  9. Mother, Father
  10. Open Arms

About the Album

Escape is the seventh studio album from American rock band Journey. Recorded from April to June of 1989, the album was released on July 31st 1981 through Columbia Records. The album peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 in 1981 and featured three top ten Billboard Hot 100 singles. The album was certified 9x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Thoughts on the Album

We all have that one album that we can’t explain as to why we own it. Journey‘s Escape is one of them for me. I don’t know why I own it, I just do. The album is one of those LPs that highlights the sound of the 1980s. It has grand production, huge power ballads, multiple top ten hits, and other great work on it. The album itself was a groundbreaking album for Journey as it had three singles chart in the top ten and the album itself peaked at number one.

Before we discuss Don’t Stop Believin’, lets talk about the rest of the album first. The force behind this album/ what gives the album it’s lifeblood has to be the vocals of Steve Perry. Compared to their previous work, this album is more rock flavored packed with hooks. The track Who’s Crying Now highlights the passionate vocals of Perry who croons with a sweeping fervor. The guitar work on Who’s Crying Now propels the track from “standard love song” to the next level with it’s over-the-top guitar solo at the end of the song. The guitar work shines it’s brightest on the track Mother, Father.

But let us talk about the big track in the room, Don’t Stop Believin’. A track that now gets regular play at sporting arenas and karaoke bars worldwide. It’s one of the few tracks that EVERYONE (and their mother) knows today. It’s a track that you will be singing and air-banding along to. Right from the start of the track, the electric bass guitar compliments the piano, seemingly playing off each other. Then nearly a minute in a rapid guitar tapping sequence kicks in that builds in both intensity and volume. The track was an instant classic for which who can still hear it get airplay over the radio nowadays.


While it was a hard album to pigeon hole into a genre, there was no denying that it was a massive hit both commercially and musically. With some heartfelt songwriting and study musicianship, Escape is an album that is considered to be a timeless classic that many have tried to imitate, but never successfully.

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