Year 4, Day 25: Over It – Step Outside Yourself

“Step Outside Yourself” is a rousing album with a hard edge despite a few stumbles.


Year 4, Day 25: Over It – Step Outside Yourself


Track Listing

  1. Against the Grain
  2. Gunslinger
  3. Siren on the 101
  4. Too Much Information
  5. Dishonor, Disorder
  6. Your Song
  7. The Energy
  8. Lost
  9. Where the Sky Begins
  10. Mister Serious
  11. Feels Like Affection
  12. Come Out With Your Hands Up
  13. Like Satellites

About the Album

Step Outside Yourself is the fourth studio album from American pop-punk band, Over It. The album was released August 29th 2006 through Virgin Records US. It was the band’s first major label album release.

Thoughts on the Album

I was first introduced to the band Over It through Sony’s MLB 07: The Show, with the track Caught Up in a Rundown. I immediately went out and bought Step Outside Yourself, and that was my proper introduction to the band. I was impressed with the sound and range of the band, and I’m one of those people who really doesn’t care if this release doesn’t sound like previous releases. A band’s sound is supposed to evolve over time or else it just becomes stagnant and dull.

That’s what today’s album, Step Outside Yourself highlights: the evolving sound of a band. The album is steeped in pop-punk roots, despite being a more mainstream rock sound in mid-tempo. Compared to previous releases, it is a more slowed down and polished product.

The album opens with the impressively catchy, Think Against the GrainGunslinger packs the aggressiveness following Think Against the Grain. One of big things with this is band is, while the sound is polished, they haven’t traded in that affinity for huge, soaring choruses.  An example of this is, the third trade, Siren on the 101; which is a polished and slightly slowed down version of the stunning hit found on their previous release Silverstrand. But the difference isn’t just a slightly slower timing, but more guitar nuance. It’s an infectiously catchy track that with the the new tweaks, makes the original version better as well.

One of my personal favorite tracks from the album, is the fourth track, Too Much Information. Much like Siren on the 101, it has a soaring chorus, that’ll have you singing along. The highlight of the track has to be the guitar solo that is technically impressive as well as perfectly punchy.

As with most albums, it stumbles at times as heard with tracks Feels like Affection and Like SatellitesLike Satellites could have been so much better for a closing track, but it just strains as the frontman Peter Munsters tries to hit outside of his range.


After an excellent opening and relative great middle section of the album, the closing falls flat. But that’s alright, Step Outside Yourself is a decently strong album. The band on Step Outside Yourself mixes their own brand of musical gymnastics with contemporary rock sound. Thus they created a much more dynamic set of tracks. At times on the album, the tricks fall flat. But however, the more weaker moments are few and far between. The result is a fresh take and path through a tired genre.


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