Year 4, Day 22: The Suicide Machines – A Match and Some Gasoline

Venerable punk rockers, The Suicide Machines highlight their excellent musicianship by mixing hardcore punk with ska on “A Match and Some Gasoline”


Year 4, Day 22: The Suicide Machines – A Match and Some Gasoline


Track List


  1. Burning in the Aftermath
  2. Did You Ever Get The Feeling of Dread?
  3. Keep it Crime
  4. High Anxiety
  5. Your Silence
  6. The Change
  7. Invisible Government
  8. One More Time
  9. Beat My Head Against the Wall
  10. Seized Up
  11. Split the Time
  12. Kaleidoscope
  13. Politics of Humanity/The Floating World

About the Album

A Match and Some Gasoline is the fifth studio album from Detroit native punk rockers, The Suicide Machines. The album was recorded in March of 2003 and released on June 17th 2003 through Side One Dummy Records.

Thoughts on the Album

If you haven’t noticed by now, a good potion of my music library is comprised of punk music. I love the message, the speed, the power, and snark/sarcasm/scathing wit that most punk tracks have. Today’s album brings more of the same with The Suicide Machines‘ A Match and Some Gasoline.

The tracks on this album changes styles going from ska, skate punk, and hardcore punk. I’ll say this: the bass work on this album is incredible. You have entire tracks that seeming stop, just to hear the bass lines. You also have minute long tracks that are pure hardcore that spit fire and vitriol. Mixed in-between the hardcore punk you have ska tracks like High Anxiety and Split the Time.

The album opens with Burning in the Aftermath, a provocative track that is jam-packed with screaming vocals and intense and fast paced guitar riffs. I would argue that the track is the heaviest on the album. It’s a great opening track.

It’s a weird formula found on this album that the tracks go back and forth between the hardcore punk and ska influenced tracks. One of these ska tracks that stick out is the fourth track, High AnxietyHigh Anxiety is an incredibly catchy and majorly infectious track that’ll be stuck in your head for days. The bridge of the song is awesome. The guitar lines are great and melodic and mesh well together with the bass lines.

Other highlights include the incredible drum work on Your Silence. You can just sense the urgency and rage from the drummer pounding away on his drum kit. One More Time, an experimental track that brings up a topic (child abuse) and how people turn a blind eye to it in this country. Your Silence is more of a heavy metal style track. Beat Your Head Against the Wall is a great thrash-core style track. You’ll want to either mosh or headbang along to the track.

The album closes out with Politics of Humanity/The Floating World, and in typical The Suicide Machines fashion is the longest track on the album. The track starts out acoustic before mixing in pop-punk style choruses. And just when you thought the track was over and it’s ambient, the acoustic guitar returns to end the album giving you time to ponder and time to breathe.


I’d say this album is an acquired taste. It mixes hardcore punk with ska and skate punk elements incredibly well. Listen to Destruction by Defintion before A Match and Some Gasoline to get a gauge of The Suicide Machines‘ sound. Overall, it’s a great album that successfully  combines hardcore punk with ska. But it’s ska without the horns, so if you can get past that, you’ll love the sound and this album.

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