Year 4, Day 20: Sons and Daughters – This Gift

Sons and Daughters’ third and final album highlights Adele Bethel’s vocal work.


Year 4, Day 20: Sons and Daughters – This Gift


Track List

  1. Gilt Complex
  2. Split Lips
  3. The Nest
  4. Rebel With the Ghost
  5. Chains
  6. This Gift
  7. Darling
  8. Flags
  9. Iodine
  10. The Bell
  11. House in My Head
  12. Goodbye Service

About the Album

This Gift is the third studio album from Scottish indie rock band, Sons and Daughters. The album was released on January 28th 2008 through Domino Records.

Thoughts on the Album

Today’s album comes all the way from Scotland. It’s the 2008 release from indie rock band, Sons and DaughtersThis Gift. One of my main issues with indie rock is, that bands try to create something that is unique, but messy and sounds rough. The sounds just doesn’t mesh well. But that’s not what Sons and Daughters have created with this album here.

Lead singer Adele Bethel’s voice is sharp, crisp, and beautiful. It’s almost arresting, like a siren’s call luring you in. Her vocals almost overpower and overshadow the rest of the band. Her voice is rich and powerful, but subtle at the same time; it has star quality to it.

The album opens with lead single, Gilt Complex. It’s driving pulse that sounds like a polished rocker, but its still raw and uncompromising. Blistering and raging guitar riffs. Racing basslines. Thumping drums. The tracks that follow the opener just build on this, albeit slowing down a bit to give us some air to breathe.

The track Darling is another standout. guitarist Scott Patterson’s roving guitar riffs gives way to an awesome dual-vocal chorus between Bethel and Patterson. It’s a dramatic. almost menacing rocker whose chorus is radiantly bright. I can only describe the harmonizing Bethel does as “angelic”.

Title track, This Gift, is an epic piece. It’s a like track from the band X, with desperate vocal interplay between Patterson and Bethel. The Nest is a track that hs massive drums and the same harmonies found on tracks like Darling and Iodine.


I could keep going on and on about this album. It seems like almost every song on this album could be singled out for praise or standalone. While most will see is as a mainstream and smooth/polished almost, I want you too dig past the sheen and shine of this album. It’s a strong album that is driven by dramatic, glamorous, and inspired guitar rock.

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