Year 4, Day 18: No Use For A Name – Making Friends

“Making Friends” is No Use for a Name at their finest.


Year 4, Day 18: No Use For a Name – Making Friends


Track List

  1. The Answer is Still No
  2. Invincible
  3. Growing Down
  4. On the Outside
  5. A Postcard Would Be Nice
  6. Secret
  7. Best Regards
  8. Revenge
  9. Sidewalk
  10. 3 Month Weekend
  11. Sitting Duck
  12. Fields of Athenry

About the Album

Making Friends is the fourth studio album from California punk rockers, No Use for a Name. The album is prototypical punk music as the album length is just 35 and a half minutes. The album was released on August 26th 1997 through Fat Wreck Chords.

Thoughts on the Album

For some reason this year on these posts, I’ve went the louder and heavier route with the albums in my music library. Today’s album is no different from that pattern, which is loud, hard, fast, and in-your-face. Today’s album is No Use for a Name‘s 1997 release Making Friends.

One of the downsides to punk albums is that the songs are hard to differentiate. But that’s not always a bad thing, especially with this album. It’s a chaotic mess, but there is definitely a method the madness. The first four tracks on Making Friends all lead into each other, starting with The Answer is Still No. The outro of The Answer is Still No flows right into the intro of Invincible.

The amazing thing about this album is the dynamic guitars. The guitars can set the tone as found on tracks Growing Down and Sidewalk or they can replace silence with a short interlude as found on Secret. If you listen to any No Use for a Name song, the guitars are dynamic and always the most interesting part of the song. The drumming is repetitive, not for lack of talent, it just follows the same patterns too much, and the bass work is barely noticeable. What really stands out is Tony Sly‘s vocals.

For me, the album lacks a bit of consistency from track to track though the themes of each track flow into the next track. I’ll attribute this to exploring different styles. This led to a guitar driven rhythm; it took away from the consistency, but makes the album more accessible and  catchy.


Making Friends is a 35 minute blast to listen to. While the bass work is barely noticeable and the drums are nauseatingly repetitive, there is enough on this album to make it a great one. Tony Sly’s vocals, the dynamic guitars, the edge that the tracks have to them. Listen for Invincible, stay for the rest of the album.

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