Year 4, Day 17: Powerglove – Saturday Morning Apocalypse

In honor of the novelty of “Leap Day” we rock out to metal versions of your favorite cartoon/TV themes.


Year 4, Day 17: Powerglove – Saturday Morning Apocalypse


Track List

  1. X-Men
  2. Gotta Catch ’em All (Pokemon)
  3. The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
  4. This is Halloween (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  5. Batman
  6. Transformers
  7. Inspector Gadget
  8. Heffalumps and Woozles (Winnie the Pooh)
  9. The Simpsons
  10. The Flintstones
  11. Gotta Catch ’em All (feat. Tony Kakko)

About the Album

Saturday Morning Apocalypse is the second studio album from Boston metal/power metal band, Powerglove. The album was recording through 2009-2010 and released on September 28th 2010 through E1 Music. .

Thoughts on the Album

Happy Leap Day everyone! In honor of today being a Leap Day and the novelty about it, we will be reviewing and listening to Powerglove’s Saturday Morning Apocalypse. The 2010 album is completely instrumental… minus some vocal segments on the track The Simpsons and the final track, which features Finnish metal band, Sonata Arctica‘s Tony Kakko.

I can see why music experts would dismiss this album as novelty; it fills a certain demographic and doesn’t really appeal to everyone. But that still doesn’t give this album any justice at all. The album itself is 11 TV theme songs from various Saturday morning programs.

Powerglove isn’t alone in the genre of nerd metal or video game music, which is shared with other bands like Minibosses, MegadriverThe Black Mages, and The Megas just to name a few.

That said, the premise behind the album is awesomely gimmicky and absurd, but the musicianship is top notch. In what I can only describe as “bizarrely badass”, the track Heffalumps and Woozles will hold that title for a long time as it’s a cover of a Winnie the Pooh song. The album is full of cracked out, technically proficient, and very tongue-in-cheek speed metal. On the second track, the first Pokemon anime TV theme song, Gotta Catch ’em All, sees the band making Pokemon the most metal it’s ever been. The guitar work on the track is fantastic and displays a frightening amount technicality and skill, almost bordering on virtuoso territory.

The formula is simple really: take the original main themes and lead lines, add in some original work when fitting, and shred. Shred for hella days like they know they can. This formula is evidenced on The Adventures of Johnny Quest and This is Halloween, as Powerglove‘s original work found on the tracks are just as effective as the original melodies. By adding in orchestrated pieces, the band beefs up themes like Batman and The Simpsons.

The album closes out with the second track, Gotta Catch ’em All, except features Finnish heavy metal singer Tony Kakko on vocals.


Leap Day is a essentially a day draped in novelty as it only comes around once every four years (see you in 2020). So it deserves an album that’s a novelty. But novelty doesn’t do it any justice. It’s a bizarrely badass album that has excellent production and insanely high instrumental technicality. While not appealing to everyone, if you need some speed/power metal nostalgia, you couldn’t go wrong here.

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