Year 4, Day 13: BOY – We Were Here

“We Were Here” strikes the balance between familiar songwriting qualities and new musical experimentation. All the while sounding more mature, focused, and confident.


Year 4, Day 13: BOY – We Were Here 


Track List

  1. We Were Here
  2. Fear
  3. Hit My Heart
  4. Hotel
  5. No Sleep For the Dreamer
  6. Flames
  7. New York
  8. Rivers or Oceans
  9. Into the Wild

About the Album

We Were Here is the second studio album from German-Swiss pop/rock duo, BOY. The album was released on September 15th 2015 through Nettwerk Records in North America and Grönland Records in Europe.

Thoughts on the Album

One of things you will notice about the music I listen to or the music on any playlist I make, is the wicked contrast. I love contrast in the music I listen to. What I mean by “contrast” is: the first song that plays on a playlist could be loud, hard-hitting, and full of righteous rage and the song that follows it up could be slower, softer, and less angry. Essentially, it’s like going from Bad Religion to BOY.

That is why today’s artist, BOY is one of my favorite artists. Fun fact, there (technically) are no boys in BOY only Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass. This German-Swiss pop duo provides some of the contrast on my playlists. As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for a good female vocalist and Valeska Steiner’s voice gives me chills. She can hit wide range of octaves and her voice is soft yet loud and carrying. Steiner’s voice really is a plus on today’s album.

So with all that said, today’s album is BOY‘s second studio album, We Were Here. The album isn’t quite as effervescent as their debut album, Mutual Friends but that’s alright. It’s an album that pushes the duo’s sound into the more mainstream electronic rock territory. I view this album as a transitional one for future albums, except this album is actually great for a transitional album. The album signals a promising future for future albums from the duo.

I love everything about this album right down to it’s cover photo. The album cover fits with the lyrics and overall sound of the album. This found especially with the first half of the album as the tracks are slightly gritty, urban, modern, and busy. The titular opener, We Were Here, reflects on the journey that the duo has been through in the four years since Mutual Friends

Everything’s on the move; the paint is wet, all colors are new
But if you look carefully, you’ll see us shining through

Cause everywhere we’ve been, we have been leaving traces
They won’t ever disappear

Fear, the second track follows up on We Were Here perfectly with a well paced, up-tempo electronic rocker. Fear follows in the same vein as We Were Here does, but builds on it. Hit My Heart is track that has an uplifting spirit about it and highlights Steiner’s crafty yet polished songwriting.


You can go ahead an poke fun at me for liking a softer sounding band like BOYWe Were Here is an excellent sophomore album and perfect follow up to their debut Mutual FriendsWe Were Here is an ambitious and charming album that finds it impossible and unnecessary to follow in it’s predecessor’s path. Need some contrast in your music? Give this album a shot.

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