Year 4, Day 11: Midtown – Save the World, Lose the Girl

Midtown’s debut saves the world, loses the girl, and is the quintessential pop/punk album of the 2000s.


Year 4. Day 11: Midtown – Save the World, Lose the Girl


Track List

  1. Just Rock and Roll
  2. Direction
  3. Recluse
  4. Another Boy
  5. Let Go
  6. No Place Feels Like Home
  7. Such a Person
  8. We Bring Us Down
  9. Knew it All Along
  10. Come On
  11. Resting Sound
  12. Frayed Ends

About the Album

Save the World, Lose the Girl is the debut album from New Jersey pop/punk band, Midtown. The album was released on March 9th 2000 through Drive-Thru Records.

Thoughts on the Album

Let be said, that despite my contempt for most things New Jersey… the do produce some damn good music (and athletes, looking at you Mike Trout and Bobby Ryan*) Midtown, a band from New Brunswick New Jersey, is one of most quintessential pop-punk bands of the 2000s. They pioneered the genre of pop-punk with bands like New Found Glory, Over It, Sum 41, and Simple Plan along with labels like Drive-Thru Records.

Today’s album is the debut album from MidtownSave the World, Lose the Girl. I had to break out the CDs from my high school days. Punk-Pop or Pop-Punk was a regular mainstay on my MP3 players back then. One of the things I love about the album is the shared vocals. I’ve always found shared lead vocals created some pretty creative and deft harmonies. What’s even more amazing about this album is that it still sounds just as fresh and great as it did 16 years ago.

That’s why this album feels like it is one of those genre defining albums. The three-way vocal harmonies are awesome, but it’s the way that they are delivered on tracks like Just Rock and Roll and Recluse that is spot on. The delivery is one of pissed off rage. But it’s delivered with such emotion and conviction that it’s believably pissed off rage.

One of the many problems with the punk genre is a song structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus. Midtown on this album counters that structure with a varied assortment of rhythms… which in turn makes way for original material. This makes tracks like Direction and Such a Person a more progressive representation of a punk song, as the song changes directions at every turn.


While too catchy and radio-friendly to be called full fledged punk. Save the World, Lose the Girl is almost perfect pop-punk. This album should be required listening for anyone even thinking about making a pop-punk album. 12 brilliant songs, poppy yet lyrical sharp and biting. Pop-punk perfection.

(*Excuse me. That's Cherry Hill New Jersey Native Bobby Ryan from Cherry Hill New Jersey)

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