Year 4, Day 10: Beatsteaks – Boombox

Veteran German punk rockers, Beatsteaks break out the alt rock jams on Boombox


Year 4, Day 10: Beatsteaks – Boombox 


Track List

  1. Fix It
  2. Milk & Honey
  3. Cheap Comments
  4. Let’s See
  5. Bullets from Another Dimension
  6. Under a Clear Blue Sky
  7. Access Adrenalin
  8. Behaviour
  9. Automatic
  10. Alright
  11. House on Fire

About the Album

Boombox is the sixth studio album from veteran German punk band, Beatsteaks. The album was released through Warner Music Group on January 28th 2011. The album peaked at number one on the German music charts.

Thoughts on the Album

When it comes to artists and bands across the pond in Europe, I am always late to the game discovering them. I usually discover them through video games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, NHL, or in one case, MVP Baseball. I love the Beatsteaks. They are veterans of the German punk scene and can flat out rock. This is evident on their sixth studio release, Boombox.

One of my favorite songs ever… of all time is from this album. It’s second track, Milk & Honey. Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß’s vocals on the track are perfect, considering English is his second language. Maybe it’s because the song, while not even bothering to hide any (un)ironic references to “cool cats”, is a slightly more gentler side of the band. It’s guitar riffs are solid, the vocals are sharp and crisp, the bass bounces nicely, and piano riffs are excellent.

That said, the album is “marketed” as a punk album, but it is more of a punk album that dabbles in other styles. It’s straightforward, gritty rock and roll. It is pure raw rock that has a catchy edge, much in the vein of The White Stripes, but based in old-fashioned hard rock.

While if you are a fan of the Beatsteaks and have listened to their earlier stuff, you may or may not find the hardcore punk tunes. But you fill find tracks like Bullets from Another Dimension that channel the old frantic speed and riffs. While other tracks channel reggae-esque stylings with punk guitar riffs… so it is like ska, but without the bass section. Automatic, has hypnotic droning guitar texture to it which makes it sound almost mechanical and deliberate to a degree, but it’s in good effect.


Boombox builds on where their previous album (.limbo messiah) left off. And while their old punk intensity may or may not be fully present on this album, the catchy choruses and riffs are bountiful. This album is a straightforward rocker, that’s no-nonsense. It’s a delightfully* dirty, raw, rowdy, and gripping album.

(*I will never use the word “delightful” ever again, sorry.)

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