Year 4, Day 6: Pennywise – The Fuse

Pennywise’s “The Fuse” is a hard-hitting return to the roots album.


Year 4, Day 6: Pennywise – The Fuse

Track List

  1. Knocked Down
  2. Yell Out
  3. Competition Song
  4. Take a Look Around
  5. Closer
  6. 6th Avenue Nightmare
  7. The Kids
  8. Fox TV
  9. Stand Up
  10. Dying
  11. Disconnect
  12. Premeditated Murder
  13. Best I Can
  14. 18 Soldiers
  15. Lies

About the Album

The Fuse is the eighth studio album from American punk band, Pennywise. The album was recorded from October 2004 to April 2005 and was released August 9th 2005 through Epitaph Records.

Thoughts on the Album

No this is not the album that contains the famous Pennywise track, Bro Hymn. I’m saving that for next year. Today’s album is 2005’s The Fuse. While the band’s previous album, 2003’s From the Ashes, has more pointed and fiery rhetoric to it, The Fuse doesn’t go into full passive mode. Nope, it’s more of an unguided bomb than a sidewinder missile in that the lyrics and the band pick and choose wider targets to aim their rhetoric at.

The album opens with the amazing and the fabulous opener, Knocked Down. Frontman Jim Lindberg’s vocals a commanding presence on the track. The musicianship is tight and crisp, despite the less than stellar production. The track serves as forum for both Lindberg’s commanding vocals and guitarist Fletcher Dragge’s blazing riffs on the sorry state of affairs that politics around the world were (or are) in. Moreover, Dragge’s guitar work is even more muscular on this album than on previous efforts. Nary a power chord is hit weakly.

Lies is a midtempo punk rager that brings some welcome variety. Another track that brings some variety is The Kids, which to me sounds more like a rocker… a rock song than a punk song. I mean, it still has everything you look to hear in a Pennywise song: familiar choruses, the riffs, the chords, and the drums.

Besides Knocked Down and The Kids, it’s also Closer and 6th Avenue Nightmare that combine to make the album successful. Closer, 6th Avenue Nightmare, and The Kids provide the backbone for the album. I’d say without those tracks, this would be just another punk album. It’s these tracks that provide the sense of urgency despite having different tempos.


The only issue I have with The Fuse, is that: there are a few too many songs. 15 songs is a little much, and I felt it began to lose it’s edge. But then again tracks like Closer6th Avenue Nightmare, The Kids, and Fox TV return to the sharp double-edge that the album has. My personal favorite tracks from this album: Knocked Down, Closer, Fox TV, and Premeditated Murder.


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