Year 4 Introduction

Welcome back to the Broad Street Playlist. If you ever want to get an excellent look into my taste in music (as well as my music library), this is and has been it.  I am constantly adding new artists and bands into my music library. I love discovering artists I’ve never heard from/of before, even if I’m late to the party in discovering them. It is one of life’s greatest and simplest pleasures: discovering and listening to music.

Welcome to Year Four. It’s Ash Wednesday 2016 (February 10th 2016). Actually it’s Fat Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras/the day before Lent starts. I’ve decided to release this year’s introduction a day early. ANYWAY, I’ve returned for a whole nother year of 40 albums in 40 days. Once again, I’ve scoured my music library (both physical and digital) to find you guys 40 albums and I think I’ve found the best combination of genres and styles.

As I said in Year 2’s Introduction, music is like good news. It is like good news in that, you just want to share it with everyone. Of course, I also know it’s about personal taste; so I’m going to say you have to listen to a specific album on a given day. If you want to check out the album, I will always try to post links to Spotify and iTunes.

This year should be the biggest and best year  yet. Sit back, relax, plug in some headphones, and rock out. If you want to check out any of the albums from the previous three years, click on these links right here: Year 1 (2013), Year 2 (2014), or Year 3 (2015). If you need a refresher about this project click here! If you want to see a breakdown of each artist and each album, click here! If you want to see some simple demographics about where the artists come from, click here!

air guitar


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