Year 3, Day 37: Hall & Oates – Voices

Year 3, Day 37: Hall & Oates – Voices

Track List

  1. How Does It Feel to Be Back
  2. Big Kids
  3. United State
  4. Hard to Be in Love with You
  5. Kiss On My List
  6. Gotta Lotta Nerve (Perfect Perfect)
  7. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
  8. You Make My Dreams
  9. Everytime You Go Away
  10. Africa
  11. Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear the Voices)

About the Album

Voices is the ninth studio release from Philadelphia native blue-eyed soul group, Hall & Oates. The album was recorded from April to May and September to November of 1979. The album was released in late July of 1980 through RCA Records. The album spent 100 weeks on the Billboard 200.

Thoughts on the Album

I can’t believe I almost went a full 40 days on this project without showcasing a Hall & Oates album. I feel so ashamed and less of a Philadelphian. But anyway, today’s album is none other than Hall & Oates‘ 1980 release, Voices. Considering towards the end of the 1970’s the music scene was quickly shifting to punk and new wave from R&B and Disco, this is album that helped the duo from Philadelphia develop and find their groove in the scene.

It this with this album that helped make Daryl Hall and John Oates one of the most successful duos in pop music history; and one that ruled the charts and airwaves in the first half of the 1980s. The beautiful thing about this album is that, it is a fun one. Rather than trying to make this grand statement, the duo made this sleek, stylish, and fun album. Look no further than the track, Kiss On My List. If you read the lyrics, it is a rather cynical song, stating that “your kiss” was merely on a list and it’s apparently “one” of the “best things in life”. This is the track that maps out the duo’s signature sound for the decade, with harmony rich, heavily crafted songwriting, and excellent instrumentation.

If you are looking for more of a rocker, well look no further than You Make My DreamsKiss On My List and You Make My Dreams are arguably the two biggest singles and pop songs of the 1980s. Of course one can’t forget about the their rendition of the Righteous Brothers‘ You Lost That Lovin Feelin’ and the original version and heartbreaking, Everytime You Go Away. It is with these tracks that helped the duo become more accepted by mainstream. Everytime You Go Away, which would later be made a hit by Paul Young, is a straight up gospel organ, 1960s soul influenced track. The track is one of the duo’s strongest compositions on the album.


Seriously you guys, aside from the blockbuster singles that packed a hell of punch, what makes this recording so awesome in hindsight is probably just how amazingly fantastic it is. The sound of this album is perfect spread out to cover many different genres from guitar based power pop blended with contemporary new wave and blue-eyed soul. But it was with the momentum created by this album that helped future Hall & Oates releases become even bigger hits. But this album in its own right stands up as one of the duo’s best records ever.



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