Year 3, Day 36: Guns N’ Roses -Appetite for Destruction

Year 3, Day 36: Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction

Track List

  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. It’s So Easy
  3. Nightrain
  4. Out ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child O’ Mine
  10. You’re Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen

About the Album

Appetite for Destruction is the debut studio album from American hard rock/metal band, Guns N’ Roses. The album was recorded in March and April of 1987, and released mid-July 1987 through Geffen Records. The album didn’t immediately top the Billboard 200, as it debuted at 182 on the chart. It topped the chart in 1988 after touring and several songs (Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City) receiving regular radio airplay. The album spent four non-consecutive weeks at number one on the chart, as well as a total of 147 total weeks on the Billboard 200. The album is certified 18x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (or RIAA).

Thoughts on the Album

As we wind down the third year of the project, it seems the albums I have picked down the stretch have had a hard edge to them in one form or another. Today is no different. Today’s album is the 1987 debut release from Guns N’ RosesAppetite for Destruction. The album has had significant cultural impact as several songs from the album still receive regular radio airplay on many hard rock, metal, and classic rock FM radio stations nationwide. Plus, I’m pretty sure if you go to a sporting event somewhere in the United States, you are bound to hear the album opener, Welcome to the Jungle played AT LEAST once.

The album openers with the aforementioned, Welcome to the Jungle. A track about moving to the big city (ex. Los Angeles/Hollywood) and searching for everything you thought you wanted, only to wind up getting much more than that. It is pretty much heavy metal’s version of huge and soaring arena rocking anthem. No seriously it is. Go to a sports event, you will wind up hearing it in some form. Between the opening guitar riff and the bass and drum groove, this track sets the tone and pace for the album.

The midway point of the album is marked by the track Paradise City. The track opens with a clean guitar riff before the drums kick in and the a chant of the chorus starts. While the chant prepares you for the rest of the song, it also highlights a wide range of vocal tones. The track features some synthesizer riffs, but they are not the main selling point as they are more heard during the chorus. At one point during the song, it stops, and then all hell and chaos reign. The guitars come in loud, fast, and heavy. It’s musical chaos, but in a good way.

Three tracks later comes the power rock ballad, Sweet Child O’ Mine. It is an overall outstanding and amazing song that was a massive success probably eclipsing both Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City. The song opens with some clean guitar riffs that compliment the rest of the band nicely. Everything about this song is excellent. From the guitars and bass to the drums and vocals.


You know, I understand why critics say this album is overrated. Between tracks like Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, Sweet Child O’ Mine, and Rocket Queen, there really isn’t anything on this album that hasn’t been done before by some other faceless heavy metal, or hair metal, or hard rock band of the 1980s. While we can debate whether this album is overrated, one can’t debate the fact that it spawned some of the most iconic hard rock/heavy metal tracks ever recorded. As always, give it a listen.


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