Year 3, Day 32: Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head

Year 3, Day 32: Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head

Track List

  1. Politik
  2. In My Place
  3. God Put a Smile upon Your Face
  4. The Scientist
  5. Clocks
  6. Daylight
  7. Green Eyes
  8. Warning Signs
  9. A Whisper
  10. A Rush of Blood to the Head
  11. Amsterdam

About the Album

A Rush of Blood to the Head is the second studio album from British alternative rock band, Coldplay. The album, recorded from September 2001 to May 2002, was released in late August 2002 through British record label Parlophone and through Capitol Records in the United States. Upon its release, the album topped the UK Albums Chart its first week in the United Kingdom. The album is also the eighth biggest-selling album of the 21st century in the United Kingdom. The album peaked at number five on the United States Billboard 200. The album is certified 9x Platinum in the United Kingdom (2.7MM sold) and 4x Platinum in the United States (4.925MM sold).

Thoughts on the Album

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: “OMG U LIEK COLDPLAY! OMG UR SO GAY! U SUK ND UR TASTE IN MUSIC SUKS TOO!” I get it. people don’t like Coldplay. I do. The band’s softer and mellower sound helps keep my more harder, louder, and in-your-face taste in music grounded. But it’s whatever, you know? As I said before, people like what they like. Music is completely subjective.

That said, ANYWAY… if people were expecting a sophomore slump from Coldplay, yeah that wasn’t happening. Their sophomore release, A Rush of Blood to the Head was so incredibly big, that in the United Kingdom alone, it is nine times platinum. Almost five times platinum in the United States. That’s how big it was. The album itself has been lauded as one of the greatest of all time. While some will obviously debate that, what the album is, is a truly brilliant and excellent second album. A Rush of Blood to the Head is an album that proves that less equals more.

The album opens with something odd from Coldplay: a rocker. Coldplay isn’t exactly known for hard rocking songs, but they made one with Politik. It is a mix of a rock ballad and hard rock, an odd combination. It begins like thunder, and calms back down, and builds back up all powerful like thunder again. What stands out on this album is the songwriting and lyrics, something that has usually frontman, Chris Martin’s writing. There are no cheesy clichés or anything that is considered cringeworthy bad mush or drivel.

In My Place follows PolitikIn My Place, the first single off the album, is a very contagious track. It is a song that blooms like a flower in the sunlight. It opens with a chiming guitar riff which is carried along by Martin’s crooning as well as filled in by the that’s enough bass from Berryman and drums from Champion.

Probably the most recognizable song from the album and from the band overall, Clocks, is the fifth track. Instantly recognizable from it’s opening piano riff, as the rest band joins in. While repetitive, I highly doubt anyone could really say anything bad about this song. Hell, I’m pretty sure this is probably the one Coldplay song everyone as on their music playing device. The beauty of this song, besides the piano riffs, is the bass work. Why? Because if it was any more difficult, complex, or highly technical sounding, the song would be ruined. In fact “just enough” perfectly describes it. What makes this song a classic is the bridge. The Bridge features Martin going through vocal ranges on the power-filled line “And Nothing Else Compares“.

Other highlights include The Scientist with it’s beautiful piano and gradually building sound. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face could be Yellow part 2, except it’s more hipper and uplifting.


A Rush of Blood to the Head is a more diverse sounding album when compared to the band’s debut. Give it a bit of patience, and I believe you will love this album. Majority of the songs on the album either brings something new, or builds on previous successes, or reworks previous failures. It’s all about taking chances with this album… so why don’t you? This is an amazing album, definitely needed for any collection.


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