Year 3, Day 28: Chiddy Bang – Breakfast

Year 3, Day 28: Chiddy Bang – Breakfast

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Breakfast
  3. Handclaps & Guitars
  4. Mind Your Manners (feat. Icona Pop)
  5. Ray Charles
  6. Does She Love Me?
  7. Run It Back
  8. Out 2 Space
  9. Whatever We Want
  10. Interlude
  11. Talking to Myself
  12. Baby Roulette
  13. Happening
  14. 4th Quarter

About the Album

Breakfast is the debut studio album from Philadelphia rap/hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang. Recorded in 2011, the album was released mid February 2012 through I.R.S Records/Virgin Records in the United States and released through Regal Records.

Thoughts on the Album

“But Brian! I thought you only listened to rock and roll music!” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a diverse music taste is key in today’s music world. You can’t just throw aside only particular genre. That’s why today’s album is one of my favorite rap/hip hop/rap rock albums. It’s Philadelphia’s own, Chiddy Bang and their debut album Breakfast.

The strange thing that Chiddy Bang does excellently is fuse the rap/hip hop genre with the rock genre. Because it’s general knowledge that you have the rock genre of music and rap/hip hop genre of music separated from each other with feel instances of mixing (Anthrax & Public Enemy‘s Bring tha Noize… OR Rage Against the Machine). The other beauty behind this album is that these guys were just as willing to sample any different artists from many different genres ranging from pop to rock to rap to gospel.

The second and titular track, Breakfast, is an energetic track that highlights the clever lyricism and songwriting of Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege. The track is flooded with hard hitting electro beats that mix with an infusion of jazz and hip hop. It sounds more like something you’d hear on a Jay-Z album.

The second single, track five, and arguably the duo’s biggest song to date, Ray Charles is an instant hit. It’s bouncy and hook stuffed and deserves all the radio play it received/receives. The appeal of Ray Charles is so wide, the production so good, and verses so strong that one just can’t help but sing along to it.

The first single, track four, Mind Your Manners is an anthem. It could also be considered the “spiritual successor” to Opposite of Adults. The track features a similar children’s choir as heard on Opposite of Adults as well as samples the poppy guitar and synth from Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop


It’s a very decent album that is meant for summertime airplay. While it probably won’t knock your socks off… or in this case, knock your headphone out of your ears, it still shines. There is no doubt of the skill and professionalism of this group. They just need to hammer down a few things. If more artists were as creative and innovative as Chiddy Bang, they are welcome to join everyone at the team for a delicious bowl of cereal. Breakfast, while not exactly part of a balanced diet, is however, part of a balanced music diet. Breakfast is a great way to start your day.

(Editors note: I’m sorry for the three really lousy puns).


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