Year 3, Day 26: Andrew W.K. – I Get Wet

Year 3, Day 26: Andrew W.K. – I Get Wet

Track List

  1. It’s Time to Party
  2. Party Hard
  3. Girls Own Love
  4. Ready to Die
  5. Take It Off
  6. I Love NYC
  7. She is Beautiful
  8. Party til You Puke
  9. Fun Night
  10. Got to Do It
  11. I Get Wet
  12. Don’t Stop Living in the Red

About the Album

I Get Wet is the first major label studio debut from solo artist, Andrew W.K. The album was recorded in 2000-2001 and released through Island Records on November 13 2001. The album reached number one on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Thoughts on the Album

Need an album to party hard with? Look no further than I Get Wet, the debut album from the “King of Partying”, Andrew W.K. This is the album that is equivalent to TYPINGENTIRELYINALLCAPITALSANDWITHOUTANYSPACES!!!! online. It is loud, in-your-face, obnoxious, simple, and stupidly clever. If there were a such thing as a guilty musical pleasure, this album totally annihilates and obliterates it into smithereens. It’s a fun album that makes you just want to rage (party) hard… pump your fist, headbang, and jump around.

Of course, I see the problem that many would have with this album In that, people believe that music should be something serious or something not about partying or the likes. But hey, I say enjoy it, regardless of if the album has sophomoric humor or whether it discusses the sociopolitical ramifications of government.

In my opinion this album is entirely all climax. Like TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS YELLING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS, climax. Andrew W.K. and his backing band turn the volume up to 11 and never look back. Blaring keyboards, driving drums, explosive and blasting guitars and it starts with the opening number, It’s Time to Party and ends with an excellently named closer, Don’t Stop Living in the Red. Of course it’s track number two that really brings you in.

Track number two, otherwise known as Party Hard. The album’s first single brings the heavy and hard rock fueled by a heavy guitar riff and catchy melody. The chorus of the song is fun to shout along with. Hell the entire song is fun to jam out to… or do I dare say, party to.

The other big single from this album is She is Beautiful. The album just builds off of a opening guitar riff and just adds in more heavier guitar riffs. Add in pounding drums and bass and combine with Andrew W.K. shouting/yelling “she is beautiful… she is beautiful”. You get an exceptionally catchy song. This song is the perfect combination and mixture of heavy and melodic.


If you were expecting a thinking man’s masterpiece, well you’ve got another thing coming. Think again. This is a simple and fun album to just party to. While I will say that the album has a strange sameness about it. This is probably due to the frenetic beat that drives nearly every track. This frenetic beat is the perfect complement to Andrew W.K.‘s party-centric vision. I Get Wet is a refreshingly simple and clever album that lacks filler and knows when to stop partying at the right time.

(Editor’s note: follow Andrew W.K. on twitter! He’s a must follow.)


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