Year 3, Day 20: The Thermals – Now We Can See

Year 3, Day 20: The Thermals – Now We Can See

Track List

  1. When I Died
  2. We Were Sick
  3. I Let It Go
  4. Now We Can See
  5. At the Bottom of the Sea
  6. When We Were Alive
  7. I Called Out Your Name
  8. When I Was Afraid
  9. Liquid In, Liquid Out
  10. How We Fade
  11. You Dissolve

About the Album

Now We Can See, is the fourth studio album from Portland based indie-rock band, The Thermals. The album was recorded in 2008 and released in early April of 2009 through the label Kill Rock Stars. It is the first album the band released since switching from Sub Pop Records.

Thoughts on the Album

While I forget how I stumbled upon this rarity, it quickly became endeared to me. From what the critics said about this album is that the The Thermals sound musically matured since previous releases. Critics also praised the fact that the band sounded more like professional musicians than a bunch of miscreants just making joyful yet tortured noise. You could argue that it’s the production of this album that’s to blame especially on the opener, When I DiedWhen I Died, sounds like a pre-fab rock and roll track with it’s chord progressions and more radio friendly guitar solos.

The titular track, Now We Can See is all sorts of fun to listen to and blast out loud. It could be the incredibly catchy hooks of the “Oh-Whoa-Ohh-Oh” refrains. Or it could the handclap assisted singalong. The guitar riffs heard throughout the album are ultra-simple and seem to fit in perfectly. This is by no means a bad thing as there is an air of desperate yet plucky energy found throughout the album. It is frontman and guitarist Hutch Harris’ riffs that make the dark lyrics into three chord affirmations. The is energy and passion to spare throughout the album.


The Thermals with dark lyrics and ultra-simple riffs create a fun album to listen to. Now We Can See is an album that proves that simplicity in music not only does have a place for it, but for the band, it could be a path to success. Go ahead and give this one a listen.


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