Year 3, Day 17: Adiam Dymott – Adiam Dymott

Year 3, Day 17: Adiam Dymott – Adiam Dymott

Track List

  1. John Denver
  2. Pizza
  3. Mrs. Dymott
  4. Cars
  5. Today Was Just a Downer
  6. Miss You
  7. MP3
  8. Too Far Gone
  9. Black Cloud
  10. Holiday Inn

About the Album

Adiam Dymott is the self-titled debut album from Swedish rock musician, Adiam Dymott. The album was released on May 18 2009 through Swedish indie rock label, Razzia Records. The two singles off this album were, Pizza and Miss You.

Thoughts on the Album

Once again, I must say that Sweden has produced a hell of a lot of great musicians and musical artists. I discovered Adiam Dymott while listening to a radio station on iTunes Radio. Her voice immediately blew me away as it’s both rich and throaty, but still maintains a pop-like and soulful tune. I’d probably say she is a far cry from her contemporary Swedish songstresses in that, her sound is much more closer to heavy guitar driven rock than breathy pop.

The Swedish rock and roll songstress’ self-titled debut album, Adiam Dymott is, in my opinion, an immensely enjoyable album. Dymott really does distinguish herself with a fresh and an impressively assured take on classic rock/pop song making. The opening track, which might be named after folk rocker, John Denver. The song is a light rocker about freewheeling down country roads, singing along with certain unspecified songs of his playing on the radio. Of course, I should say that a better idea into her musical affinities maybe in her cover of Neil Young’s Too Far Gone.

The uptempo rockers on this album are seriously fun to listen to. The two big uptempo rockers on this album are Pizza and Miss You, both are the album’s two singles. Pizza, an “anti-mainstream” anthem has the spicy call-and-response chorus of…

Band: The word is burning up

Dymott: what can I do about it

Band: turn my TV off

Dymott: so I don’t think about it

Band: my generation’s fucked

Dymott: you left a pile of garbage

Band: way too big to clean up

Dymott: so I don’t think about it

The other uptempo rocker of note, Miss You, is an exciting hand-clapping, sing-a-long single. I will also say that there are some hidden gems on here as well. Mrs. Dymott is one of them. It’s a lower tempo rocker that is mellower grooving. Dymott in the track laments about the difficulties there are with having a strange name. The chorus of the track provides a spelling and even offers an etymology for listeners.


Dymott’s songs possess a certain unpretentiousness that is filtered through a soulful and punkish musical sensibility. It’s good old rock and roll, from the perspective of an African-descended Swede. Add in her rich and throaty voice that is inflected with soul and pop, and you have the makings of a refreshing and distinctive new talent. As the track Mrs. Dymott spells out, pay attention… it’s definitely a name worth remembering.


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