Year 3, Day 16: Valeska Steiner – Home

Year 3, Day 16: Valeska Steiner – Home

Track list

  1. Lullaby
  2. Home
  3. Chameleon
  4. Love Me Less
  5. III
  6. Cool As Berlin

About the Album

Home is a six track EP by Valeska Steiner. The album was self-released in January 2009.

Thoughts on the Album

Today I decided on something different. Something lighter and easier than usual music I listen to. That is one of the reason why I love the duo, BOY, and more specifically, Valeska Steiner.

So today’s album is a six song one by one of the co-founders of BOYValeska Steiner. The album is titled Home and it’s six songs of a combination of folk and pop music. Six very good songs I might add. As a whole, the album’s strength comes from Valeska Steiner’s singing prowess.

The album opens with the track, Lullaby, a spirited number that features Steiner singing while strumming an acoustic guitar. It’s like mix of McCartney, Dylan, and some of Springsteen’s softer more folksy songs. Home, the second track and the longest one of the album, is another beautiful written tune. But for me, it’s the last track, As Cool As Berlin. The track is the only “plugged-in” song on the album featuring electric guitar and bass instead of acoustic. While more pop than folk and an odd choice for a closer, nevertheless it highlights Steiner’s creativity.


I wanted to keep this one more to the short side, mainly because for the past few days I’ve been giving you longer and longer ones. I for one, don’t want to burn you out at all. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy this six track album from one of my favorite artists. While it’s not on this album, check out Steiner’s cover of Bonnie Raitt Can’t Make You Love Me. Valeska’s cover of that song does it just and more. Anyway, if you need/want some rather easy and relaxing listening, give this album a try.


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