Year 3, Day 15: Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Year 3, Day 15: Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace


  1. The Pretender
  2. Let it Die
  3. Erase/Replace
  4. Long Road to Ruin
  5. Come Alive
  6. Stranger Things Have Happened
  7. Cheer Up, Boys (Your Makeup is Running)
  8. Summer’s End
  9. Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners
  10. Statues
  11. But, Honestly
  12. Home

About the Album

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is the sixth studio album from veteran rock band, the Foo Fighters. The album, recorded from March until June 2007 was release in late September 2007 through Roswell Records/RCA Records. The album was nominated for five Grammy Awards and won the Grammy for Best Rock album. The album also peaked at number one on various charts worldwide, including number one on the United States Billboard Rock Albums and number three on the United States Billboard 200. The album is certified Gold by the RIAA.

Thoughts on the Album

You know I was thinking, when the Foo Fighters finally released their Greatest Hits album, what songs were going to go on it. Because I believe that the band has produced some of the greatest songs in not just rock history, music history over the past 20 years. Think about it… Everlong, Learn to FlyBig Me, Best of You, Monkey Wrench… the list goes on. But we are not here to discuss that. Today we are talking about the sixth studio album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.

I’ll be frank and blunt with you, I’m not exactly a huge fan of the “hey, let’s make the best track and first single, the album opener” idea/mantra. But as always, that’s release I’m writing a review, and not playing music for a living. What Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace attempts to do, is consolidate their previous release, a two disc effort, In Your Honor, into one. To a large extent, the band has succeeded with this task. And look no further than the opening track, The Pretender, which I would argue is the best rock song of 2007. Beginning cleverly, Dave Grohl, like a master tactician lures the listener in by starting off soft. He’s almost begging you to listen while he strums his guitar quietly in the background. Of course, that’s when an intense and rapid-fire drum beat kicks in and almost telegraphs the direction that the song is going in. The rest of the song is damn near perfect. Come to think of it, I’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere the song could use improvements.

As with typical Foo Fighter fashion, they have no issue with filling the first four tracks, or essentially the first half of the album with quality. The second track, Let it Die, builds off the quiet/loud formula that The Pretender used and makes it all for the better. It’s a track that compliments the opener excellently. Of course the song has enough substance to survive on it’s own. The third track, Erase/Replace is a solid enough rocker with just enough intensity to get by. However the second single and fourth track, Long Road to Ruin, is another track that is in a very long line of melodic, rock radio, songs that the band is known for and come from the same vein as Learn to Fly and Times Like These.

But for me, it’s remaining eight tracks that are a mixed bag, but are luckily and thankfully more hits than misses. Some hits include: Stranger Things Have Happened, Cheer Up, Boys (Your Makeup is Running), and But, Honestly.


Well, while it probably wasn’t anyone’s album of the year *cough* Grammys *cough*, it was the next logical step for the band in re/defining their sound for both the present and the future. The whole idea was to highlight and accentuate the band’s melodic nature all the while incorporating various other pieces (i.e. soft rock, hard rock, rock ballads, folk rock, etc.). Of course if the Foo Fighters were merely just any other band or even a lesser band, it could have been a disaster. But you have to give it up to the seasoned (and grizzled) rock veterans, the Foo Fighters for creating an enjoyable and ultimately successful album.


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