Year 3, Day 13: Phil Collins – Hello, I Must Be Going!

Year 3, Day 13: Phil Collins – Hello, I Must Be Going!


  1. I Don’t Care Anymore
  2. I Cannot Believe It’s True
  3. Like China
  4. Do You Know, Do You Care?
  5. You Can’t Hurry Love
  6. It Don’t Matter to Me
  7. Thru These Walls
  8. Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
  9. The West Side
  10. Why Can’t It Wait Til Morning

About the Album

Hello, I Must Be Going! is the second (solo) studio album from singer-songwriter, Phil Collins. The album was record in mid-1982 and released late in the same year. The album was released through Virgin Records in the United Kingdom and through Atlantic Records in the United States of America. The album marked his first Grammy Award nomination with the track, I Don’t Care Anymore. The album peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart and peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200 in the United States in 1982.

Thoughts on the Album

It seems that whenever someone hears you listening to Phil Collins, they automatically assume you’re listening to In the Air Tonight. Like that’s his only (and best song). I agree that In the Air Tonight is an excellent track, but it’s more overrated than anything*. But I digress. Today’s album is Phil Collins‘ second solo album, Hello, I Must Be Going!

I will say that the lead track, the opener, I Don’t Care Anymore picks up right where In the Air Tonight left off. With ominous synths and pounding drums, I Don’t Care Anymore stays in the same vein as In the Air Tonight. It is more of a hard rocker that still sees regular airplay on various classic rock radio stations. I guess there was a reason why Rockstar Games picked this song to be included on the Classic Rock radio station in their smash hit video game, Grand Theft Auto V. While the track has little build up or fanfare, and made for an interesting choice as a single off the album, it nevertheless is just as powerful as it’s predecessor is/was.

In a similar vein to I Don’t Care Anymore, are the tracks, Do You Know, Do You Care? and Thru These Walls. While the former (Do You Know, Do You Care?) is powerful through the track’s duration, the later (Thru These Walls) is more laid back and experimental in nature. Do You Know, Do You Care? is a track that is full of rage and angst.

While I shouldn’t really have to mention the track, You Can’t Hurry Love, I’ll mention it briefly. If you haven’t heard this song before, well I’m sorry, I can’t help you**. It is arguably the best song in Collins’ arsenal. Originally recorded and released by The Supremes in 1966, the cover of their hit, You Can’t Hurry Love is faithfully note-by-note the same, though a step and half lower in pitch. It was a top 10 hit.


While it seems that this album is the red-headed stepchild of music albums: it is oft ignored by both creator and listener alike. And despite featuring some of Collins’ best work of his career, it only gets only one song on a greatest hits album. But it is amazing to see just how well this album stands up to the test of time. I guess that’s because of the sparse airplay it received during the time it was received. However, it is a great album, worthy to be in any classic rock collection.

(*Editors Note: I don’t know who Brian is kidding, In the Air Tonight is an awesome song)

(**Editors Note: But I can help you! Click play on the second YouTube video!)


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