Year 3, Day 11: La Vida Bohème – Nuestra

Year 3, Day 11: La Vida Bohème – Nuestra


  1. Radio Capital
  2. Cigarro
  3. El Buen Salvaje
  4. Flamingo
  5. El Zar
  6. Danz!
  7. Calle Barcelona
  8. Huxley
  9. I.P.O.S.T.E.L.
  10. El Sentmiento Ha Muerto
  11. Nicaragua
  12. Nuestra

About the Album

Nuestra is the debut album from Venezuelan alternative rock band, La Vida Bohème. The album was released in 2010 through Nacional Records and through All of the ABove Records in the United States of America in 2011. The album received multiple Latin Grammy nominations as well as a Grammy Award nomination for Best Latin Pop, Rock, or Urban Album. La Vida Bohème consists of Henry D’Arthenay, Daniel de Sousa, Sebastián Ayala, and Rafael Pérez Medina.

Thoughts on the Album

Yesterday, day 10, I featured a German punk rock band by the name of Madsen. That band sings primarily in their native language, German. Today I decided to go with another band that sings in the native language, La Vida Bohème. Today’s band (and subsequent album) hail from Caracas, Venezuela. The album is an angsty and fiery one with catchy melodic hooks and riffs that’ll have you “bailando mucho” (dancing a lot). The album has a seemingly 1950’s live band vibe combine with some aggressive sensuality. I can only describe it as “too garage to be ska, too rhythmic to be experimental”.

The album opens with the infectious Radio Capital. This is a perfect opener that drives the album with it’s infectious basslines and dance punk beat. It just sets the tone for what’s to come on the rest of the album. One of more cooler parts of this song is the trumpet solo and the ever infectious “Gabba gabba hey” chant. The cowbell and electric guitar make for an oddly awesome combination. (More cowbell please*)

From there, the album goes flows right into Cigarro, the second track. The second track doesn’t miss a beat, keeping with the momentum that Radio Capital brought with it. However, Cigarro does bring more crunchy guitar riffs and a more alternative rock bridge with electronic sounds mixed in throughout. One of the amazing things about this album is that the songs continue to not only deepen, but get broader as well. The third track, El Buen Salvaje, has a blues rock motif about it. The guitar riffs are deep and heavy. The thing that will win you over with this track? The whistling. This track is another great dance anthem with a beat that builds up to a riotous climax,and oozes a simple melodic charm.

Or are looking to slow it down a bit? Well look no further than the fourth track, Flamingo. It’s a lower tempo track that feels like a bouncy 1980’s new wave style song. It’s like The Cure meets Modern English. The track has jangling guitars and bouncing bass and drum beat. The sixth track, Danz!, throws caution to the wind and has exactly one thing on it’s mind: to get you off your feet and on to the dance floor. The following track, Calle Barcelona, opens with a roaring guitar riff and soon adds in a trumpet part in. What drives this song is a disco beat/dance punk beat that is relentless.


Once again, I am always impressed by bands that single in their native languages. Nuestra is a mix of South America/Venezuelan angsty dance punk fused with North American alternative rock. La Vida Bohème whirls together an album that is a sweaty, fist-pumping, and churning mix that is terrific to listen to and doubtlessly explosive when played live.

(*EDITOR’S NOTE: I didn’t realize that it was “Dated Reference Day”. Please celebrate Dated Reference Day responsibly)


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