Year 3, Day 10: Madsen – Wo Es Beginnt

Year 3, Day 10: Madsen – Wo Es Beginnt


  1. Wo es beginnt
  2. Lass es raus
  3. Baut wieder auf
  4. Lass die Musik an
  5. Die Welt liegt vor dir
  6. So cool bist du nicht (feat. Lisa Who)
  7. Für immer dein
  8. Generation im Arsch
  9. Nimm den Regen mit
  10. Love is a Killer (feat. Walter Schreifels)
  11. Alarm im Paradies
  12. Es wird schon wieder gut

About the Album

Wo es beginnt is the fifth studio album from German rock band, Madsen. The album was released in Germany in 2012. The album was released to mixed reviews.

Thoughts on the Album

I should probably preface this review with: yes I know the album is song entirely in German with exception to the chorus of Love is a Killer. I know that. But I love when bands sing in their native language. German is such a beautiful language, much how Swedish is as well. I’ve been listening to Madsen since their album Goodbye Logik. And while mine comprehension of German hasn’t gone up (thanks seven total years of Spanish classes!), my love for their music has. This goes back to 2006, when I believe Limewire was just becoming a thing. (What? I never used Limewire, I have no idea what you are talking about…)

Anyway, with the opener of Wo es beginnt, the titular track, the album flexes its multiple musical styles. The album packs a lot of power and content into these 12 songs. One of my personal favorites is Love is a Killer (featuring Walter Schreifels). The tack, featuring a chorus sung in English, is a good mid-to-high tempo rocker. It starts with a driving and bouncing bassline before the drums kick in and the vocals as well. The track So cool bist du nicht features Lisa Who. The track is slow ballad, but a very beautiful one. Lisa’s vocals add a real splash of color into the song and the album as well.


The beauty of Wo es beginnt is that is showcases the versatility and maturity of Madsen. The beauty is found in the alternating between powerful rocking songs and slower more emotional songs. This record has it all… from rap inspired Baut wieder auf to your more rock and pop sounding songs, such as Love is a Killer. I like the versatility of this record, as it shows that Madsen is definitely not a one trick pony. This is a great record.


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