Year 3, Album 4: Oh No! Wait What? OK Go.

Year 3, Album 4: OK Go – Oh No


  1. Invincible
  2. Do Want You Want
  3. Here it Goes Again
  4. A Good Idea at the Time
  5. Oh Lately It’s So Quiet
  6. It’s a Disaster
  7. A Million Ways
  8. No Sign of Life
  9. Let it Rain
  10. Crash the Party
  11. Television, Television
  12. Maybe, This Time
  13. The House Wins

About the Album

Oh No is the second studio album by Chicago based band, OK Go. The album, recorded in late 2004, was released in August of 2005. The album features the grammy awarding song for Best Music Video, Here It Goes Again.

Thoughts on the Album

OK Go‘s second album Oh No is a fun, underrated, and one of my guilty listening pleasures. This album falls into the genre of Alternative rock, power pop, and dance rock. The album is full of catchy melodies and hooks that will have you dancing and singing along to it. As with most albums I’ve come to listen to, there are a few uninspired songs, most are energetic tunes.

Oh No opens with two of the arguably best songs on it: the muscular Invincible and the instantly recognizable stomp-rock of Do What You Want. Both tracks are rough, but incredibly catchy ones, sounding fresh, despite the oft-repeated “come on, come on!” of Do What You Want.

However, the track that the band is most known for, is the treadmill song, or Here It Goes Again. The video for this song, was a viral sensation featuring a choreographed dance number involving the band jumping and dancing back and forth on treadmills. The song itself really isn’t anything to write home about.

The problem with this album is that it begins to lose steam after the first five or six songs. Fortunately, Crash the Party, the ninth track saves the backend of the album. The track brings the energy back with a 1000 watts of power. The album itself is a fun one to listen to.


OK Go with Oh No made a fun, effervescent, and lively album despite some periods on it of less than impressive tunes. The album is one made for partying, ready to fill the dance floor with people rocking out and jamming out. And lets face it, the album isn’t much of a mature one, but that’s alright. Personally, the songwriting isn’t exactly up to snuff with the rest of the band’s skills. However I’ve noticed that with later releases from this band, was remedied on later releases. While the songs could use some more structure and gain some more substance, I am always perfectly fine some sophomoric fun.


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