Year 3 Introduction: Everything Comes in Threes.

Hello and welcome to year 3 of The Broad Street Playlist! It’s a new year and another year year older. As the second year has come and gone, just like the first one, I must thank all of you guys, the readers.

Seriously you guys, I do mean it.

As I stated here last year, regardless of whether you liked the artists or albums I wrote about here, thank you for checking it out.

So… now with all that out of the way, lets get down to business. What can you expect for year three? More of the same stuff from last year. You can expect another 40 albums from artists all over the world.  Music is like good news, you just have to share it with everyone. But it is also a subjective thing. Music is all about personal taste and what I like, you may not like and vice versa.

Either way, year three of The Broad Street Playlist is shaping up to be the biggest and best one yet. So sit back, relax, plug in your headphones (or don’t), and get ready for some good music.

Get your popcorn ready, yo.
Get your popcorn ready, yo.

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