Year 2, Day 39: Cruising around in an El Camino.

Year 2, Album 39: The Black Keys – El Camino


  1. Lonely Boy
  2. Dead and Gone
  3. Gold on the Ceiling
  4. Little Black Submarines
  5. Money Maker
  6. Run Right Back
  7. Sister
  8. Hell of a Season
  9. Stop Stop
  10. Nova Baby
  11. Mind Eraser

About the Album

El Camino is the seventh studio album from American rock duo, The Black Keys. Released on December 6 2011 as a follow-up to the massively successful Brothers (click here to read about this album!), El Camino was also massively successful, selling 206,000+ copies it’s first week and debuting at number two on the Billboard 200. The album also was nominated for a Grammy Award and won one in the category for Best Rock Album. The album is certified platinum in the United States of America by the RIAA, and as well in other countries.

Thoughts on the Album

Well here we are, down to our last two albums. I’m going to miss writing about my favorite albums. But I digress, we can save the sappiness for tomorrow. Today’s post is about the wildly and massively successful follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2010 album, Brothers, by The Black KeysEl Camino by The Black Keys was just as wildly and massively successful and as critically acclaimed as the previous release, if not more. The album builds on the success of Brothers.

The album starts off the with the massively catchy and popular single (and opener), Lonely Boy. The track features a fuzzed out guitar riff and a romping drum line, all which buttress a chorus that is absolutely raw and primal in its catchiness. A little bit more pop than Tighten Up off the previous release, Lonely Boy builds on that formula.

Throughout the album the influences and styles change, but the one thing that remains the same and dominates is The Black Keys’ personality. For example, the second track, Dead and Gone features what I could only describe as “sunny harmonizing” and 1960’s California surf rock. Sister, brings to the album power pop with Cheap Trick-esque finesse and style. Gold on the Ceiling, brings to the plate fist pumping rock, and quintessential Black Keys sound. It’s a raw, blue collar, workmanlike guitar rock that throws vicious melodic haymakers and punches.


39 up, 39 down, one to go. El Camino is a great album, worthy of the success it garnered. The album builds off the previous success of it’s 2010 predecessor. It is definitely worth your money and time to listen to it. Go get yourself a copy and enjoy!


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