Year 2, Day 38: Dead Silence… not on this blog!

Year 2, Album 38: Billy Talent – Dead Silence


  1. Lonely Road to Absolution
  2. Viking Dead March
  3. Surprise, Surprise
  4. Runnin’ Across the Tracks
  5. Love Was Still Around
  6. Stand Up and Run
  7. Crooked Minds
  8. Man Alive!
  9. Hanging By a Thread
  10. Cure for the Enemy
  11. Don’t Count on the Wicked
  12. Show Me the Way
  13. Swallowed Up by the Ocean
  14. Dead Silence

About the Album

Dead Silence is the fourth studio album from Canadian punk band, Billy Talent. The album was released on September 11 2012. Dead Silence also makes a change in style and progression different from that of the band’s third album, Billy Talent III

Thoughts on the Album

We here we arrive at day 38 of year two; we are down to our final three albums (two not including today). Believe it or not, it’s actually tough deciding which album to choose, because there is so many good albums I own. So with that preface, today’s album is another goodie from up north of the border in Canada. Billy Talent will always have a special place in heart, much like Mando Diao and the Donots do. Today’s album is none other than Billy Talent‘s fourth studio album, Dead Silence

The album opens with the chilling track, Lonely Road to Absolution. This is an outsanding way to open an album. Personally, how I feel about an album hinges on the opener/intro track. A good intro track always gets understated and under looked by most bands. Why it’s outstanding, is because of the seamless transition into the lead single and second track, Viking Death March.

Viking Death March is a hard hitting track which further sets the tone and mood of the album. The song has the class Billy Talent sound that many have come to expect: guitarist Ian D’sa’s unmistakable octave finger stretching riff work, bassist Jon Gallant’s powerful bass lines. D’sa adds another element to the chorus of Viking Death March with his backing vocals.

The album then leads into the third track, and second lead single, Surprise, Surprise. The sound of the song is something similar to their debut album, Billy Talent I. Heavy intro guitar riffs, followed by lighter verse riffs, and an aggressive delivery of the vocals. The lyrics are very satirical and tongue-in-cheek.

The sixth track, Stand Up and Run, is not song or sound that you would expect from this band. It’s light, power ballad(ish) song that would seem to fit better on Billy Talent II. It’s a nice change of style and pace to mix in with the hard rocking tracks before it. It definitely keeps the pallet fresh while listening.

My personal favorite track from the album is the lucky number thirteenth track, Swallowed Up by the Ocean. It’s an incredible, beautiful, and emotional track. It’s one of the songs found on this album that perfectly showcases the new sound. What is weird is that it is the first Billy Talent song to feature piano as the main instrument. Why I love this song is because of it’s progression. It starts out all mellow and light, catching you by surprise, before gradually building into an epic piece of music.

The album closes with the fourteenth and titled track, Dead Silence. If Lonely Road to Absolution was the perfect opener, Dead Silence is the perfect way to close. It puts a succinct and poignant exclamation point on the end of the album. The song begins with a Billy Talent I style of rhythm/lead guitar riff before the rolling drums kick in. The ending is incredible, with Ben Kowalewicz repeating the lines “Dead silence/When violence” on a slow fade out with Ian D’sa kicking in on backing vocals as well.


Dead Silence is a step up from Billy Talent‘s third album. It incorporates style and sound from almost every era of Billy Talent, as well as some new sound and style. It has something for everyone. Definitely listen to Viking Death March, Surprise Surprise, Stand Up and Run, Swallowed Up by the Ocean, and Dead Silence.


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