Year 2, Day 36: Loud and Local, Valencia’s Dancing With a Ghost

Year 2, Album 36: Valencia – Dancing With a Ghost


  1. Dancing with a Ghost
  2. Spinning Out
  3. Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)
  4. Consider Me Dead
  5. Losing Sleep
  6. Friday Night
  7. Somewhere I Belong
  8. Days Go By
  9. The Way
  10. Stop Searching

About the Album

Dancing with a Ghost is the third studio album from Philadelphia rockers, Valencia. The album was released October 12 2010 through I Surrender Records.

Thoughts on the Album

During last year’s project, I wrote a piece on Valencia‘s debut album, This Could Be a Possibility (click here to read it!). Valencia is one of the few good local Philadelphia bands, and it’s a shame that they are on hiatus. So today’s album is Valencia’s third (and technically final) album, Dancing with a GhostValencia is definitely up there as to my favorite bands, and it’s not just because they are from Philadelphia.

So let’s begin, shall we? From the very start of the album with the opener and titled track, Dancing with a Ghost, you get a reminder of the band’s pop-punk origins. It has some good harmonies, a decent beat, and a catchy chorus that is delivered by the always reliable and consistent, Shane Henderson.

One of the band’s key strengths is their ability to play on people’s emotions, thus allowing them to brilliantly captivate their listeners attention all the while making them feel inspired. That is what the third track, Still Need You Around (Lost Without You) does exactly. The song has a structure that is built on passion and pure energy. The ending of the song is a beautiful climax/gang chorus in which Henderson pours his heart and soul into it.

The album closes with the track, Stop Searching. The instrumentation is excellent and the fast pace rhythm is a perfect way to end this album. The song has punk undertones has the listener can tell by the fast tempo, among other things.

Quick hits: Spinning Out has a similar sound to older Valencia songs, but with a more polished feel, but with a wee bit less aggression. It’s still an upbeat and catchy song. Somewhere I Belong, the seventh track, is dominated by subtle electronica and sweeping strings. The track also features a guest female vocalist, Simon Wilcox, whose voice adds a beautiful touch. The song is filled with heavy hitting parts, masked by an air of subtlety.


Valencia continued their musical progression with Dancing with a Ghost. The instrumentation is good, crisp, and sharp. The lyrics are just as good as ever. With this release, we see that there is definitely more that meets the eye with Valencia. Definitely give a listen to Still Need You Around (Lost Without You), Somewhere I Belong, and Stop Searching.


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