Year 2, Day 35: Amplifying the Good Times

Year 2, Album 35: Donots – Amplify the Good Times


  1. Get Going
  2. Saccharine Smile
  3. Friends – Fucked
  4. Hours Away
  5. Big Mouth
  6. Lady Luck
  7. That’s Armageddon
  8. Rollercoaster
  9. My Stereo’s a Liar
  10. Worst Friend/Best Enemy
  11. Up Song
  12. Someone to Blame
  13. Oh Yeah
  14. Private Angel

About the Album

Amplify the Good Times is the third studio release from German (pop)-punk band, the Donots. The album was released on June 17 2002.

Thoughts on the Album

As we close out year two, I’ve decided to go out rocking. Welcome to the 35th album for  year 2, and it’s another good one. Today’s album comes all the way from across the pond in Germany. Amplify the Good Times is the third (major) studio album from German punk rock band, the Donots. If Mando Diao is my favorite band, the Donots are my second favorite. This is a fun album.

For me it comes off as an easy album to listen to. There is nothing complex about this album, which is good. Not saying complex is bad, but most the time simple works best. If it works in sports and real life, it can work in music. The Donots employ a very diversified portfolio of punk on this album, but it’s mainly punk-rock. The album also shows a maturation from their previous release, Pocketrockas it highlights more consistency.

The album also marks a shift in musical direction from previous releases, as the themes of the songs are more “darker” and serious. What I loved about this album is just, the exploration of unknown territories in the form of more serious sounding songs. The band shows a more critical view on the world. The instrumentation is improved and many new ideas (which will be expanded upon in future albums) are shown. I also love that the songs didn’t just stick to one specific mood.

If you’ve played EA Game‘s Burnout 3: Takedownthen you will probably recognize one of the songs found on this album. The second song, Saccharine Smile, is featured on the game’s OST (official soundtrack). The song is actually a fun, yet snarky, and sarcastic tune. I say this because if you read the lyrics while listening to the song, you see or should I say hear why. It’s a song about a girl who looks beautiful and sweet on the outside, but her personality on the inside is that of a cold hard bitch. It’s a catchy song that will have you singing along and putting your hands in the air.


You can really see the job that the Donots have done on Amplify the Good TimesThe album does an excellent job of either putting a smile on your face or make your think about the days past. It has the right mix of seriousness and fun. Definitely listen to Saccharine Smile, Big Mouth, Up Song, Private Angel, and Worst Friend/Best Enemy.


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