Year 2, Day 34: B-Sides Monday, The Malevolence… of Mando Diao

Year 2, Album 34: Mando Diao – The Malevolence of Mando Diao


Disc 1

  1. Chi Ga
  2. This is the Modern
  3. Son of Dad
  4. Duel of the Dynamite
  5. The Malevolence
  6. Popovic
  7. Hail the Sunny Days
  8. Cinderella
  9. Last Time Infected
  10. Carbon Place
  11. Sheepdog (Acoustic)
  12. Chet Baker
  13. Sweet Jesus
  14. A Picture of ‘Em All
  15. And I Don’t Know
  16. With or Without Love
  17. Good Morning, Herr Horst (RAC mix)
  18. Spit on Your Love
  19. Telephone Song

Disc 2

  1. The Quarry
  2. How We Walk
  3. Searching for Owls
  4. San Francisco Bay
  5. Your Lover’s Nerve
  6. Moonshine Fever
  7. India Love
  8. For the Tears
  9. Waves of Fortune
  10. Deep Blue Sea
  11. She’s So
  12. Jeanette
  13. Long Before Rock ‘n’ Roll (live)
  14. We’re Hit
  15. Chi
  16. A Hard Day’s Night
  17. Little Boy Jr. (live)
  18. Paralyzed (live)
  19. Sheepdog (live)
  20. Driving Around

About the Album

The Malevolence of Mando Diaois a compilation album of songs recorded from 2002 to 2007, released in 2009 by Swedish rockers, Mando Diao. The album consists of 39 songs that were B-sides, live cuts, and remixes recorded by the band from 2002 to 2007. The album contains well over 2 hours and 20+ minutes of music.

Thoughts on the Album

Mando Diao holds a special place in my heart. Their music really speaks to me more than any other band does. Even their B-sides; which is a perfect segue into today’s post… The Malevolence of Mando DiaoThis massive behemoth compilation album consists of 39 tracks and 143 minutes and 19 seconds of music (that’s 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 19 seconds of music)! None of these tracks were obviously good enough to be singles… or even good enough to be album filler, so they were left on the cutting room floor.

But finally, all or at the very least, most of the Swede quintet’s b-sides are now in one place. As Mando Diao fan, I am biased when I say most of them are excellent songs… just excellent b-side songs. Majority of the two disc compilation album is more reminiscent of Mando Diao’s “old sound”. But according to Mando Diao’s lead guitarist and half of the Norén/Dixgård tandem, Gustaf Norén on whether or not the band was going back to their “old sound” on their upcoming 2014 (releasing this month) album…

A lot of people ask us if we’re going back to “the old Mando Diao sound” on the new record. There is no Mando Diao sound. We’re constantly evolving, and the music evolves with us. None of our albums sound the same as the last one, , and this upcoming one is not an exception. We’re always looking for new dimensions and we found yet another one with Aelita.

Aelita is the title of their upcoming album. But back to discussing this album and Mando Diao’s “sound”. If you listen from Bring ‘Em In, through Hurricane Bar, and through Ode to Ochrasy, and Never Seen the Light of Day, and finally, Give Me Fire! you can obviously tell that none of the albums sound the same. You can tell this also by listening to the songs on The Malevolence of Mando Diao that none of the b-sides sound alike.

Quick hits: the rapid fire, quick hitting opener, Chi Gais about a real person from the town of Borlänge, Sweden where the band is from. Chi Ga, the song, was a b-side from the album Hurricane Bar. The track India Love, is another rapid fire track, but longer however. It’s got quick choppy guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. India Love was originally released as a b-side on the single Down in the PastYour Lover’s Nerve could be one of favorites from this album; it’s a very pretty song. Your Lover’s Nerve, was originally released as a b-side on the single, You Can’t Steal My Love. Finally, my favorite track from this album, Jeanette. It’s obviously about a girl. It has everything a Mando Diao song needs with a few extras… snark, wit, sarcasm, a little self-deprecation, along with a catchy guitar riff and chorus. Hell it even has a freaking women’s gospel choir join in during the second chorus.


Obviously with b-sides, it’s hit or miss when listening to them and deciding whether or not you like them. Me personally, I love a few of the tracks but the rest are okay. I know why they are all b-sides, but that’s okay. Tracks like Jeanette, India Love, Chi Ga, Your Lover’s Nerve, and The Malevolence are pretty good. Anyhow, I will totally recommend this to any/everyone; it is an awesome listen, and awesome value for so many songs.


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