Year 2, Day 32: Move Along

Year 2, Album 32: All American Rejects – Move Along


  1. Dirty Little Secret
  2. Stab My Back
  3. Move Along
  4. It Ends Tonight
  5. Change Your Mind
  6. Night Drive
  7. 11:11 PM
  8. Dance Inside
  9. Top of the World
  10. Straitjacket Feeling
  11. I’m Waiting
  12. Can’t Take It

About the Album

Move Along is the second studio album from American rock band, All American Rejects. The album was released July 11 2005. The album peaked at number six on the Billboard 200. The album is certified double platinum by the RIAA.

Thoughts on the Album

While yesterday’s post about Daft Punk’s Discovery (click here to go there and read!) was probably the longest one I’ve written, I promise to keep it under 700 words this time. Promise. Scouts honor (seriously). So today’s album is the 2005 sophomore release by All American Rejects, Move AlongSophomore albums are seemingly make or break for majority of bands, due to the overwhelming stress of following up a successful debut with an equally successful follow up. This usually leads to sophomore albums being rushed, over thought, over produced, and very rarely lives up the expectations set by the debut album.

Let’s face it, Move Along is nowhere near perfect, nor is it one of the greatest albums ever. And it’s not even close, but that’s alright. What the album is however, is a prime example of what prime pop-rock/power-pop sound is indicative off of the last decade or so. What is this sound you may ask? It’s melodic vocals, abundant hooks, and simple guitar riffs. These are all still key ingredients for a hit and the majority of the twelve tracks found on this album capitalize on these traits. Especially songs, Dirty Little Secret and Move Along; which are two irresistibly catchy tracks.

Move Along avoids the problems that many second albums have; no one songs overstays it’s welcome. Every song ends crisply and there are no overextended outros; nor are there any over-the-top guitar solos. All the songs have running times of between three to four minutes, so it’s perfect for radio playabilitly and don’t bore the listener. It’s definitely a polished album that has mainstream appeal.

Lyrically, the album falls a wee bit short. But if you have heard the title track, Move Along, the chorus rings in with…

When all you got to keep it strong, move along, move along, like I know you do…

The title track also has an interesting, colorful, yet choppy guitar riff combined with some loose stringed bass work from frontman, Tyson Ritter.


So what’s the verdict? It’s definitely an above-average pop-rock album. Tyson Ritter and company display their acumen for writing and delivering above average pop-rock (or power-pop). It’s definitely an improvement on their debut album and shows maturity. Listen to Dirty Little Secret and Move Along.


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