Year 2, Day 31: Discover Daft Punk!

Year 2, Album 31: Daft Punk – Discovery


  1. One More Time
  2. Aerodynamic
  3. Digital Love
  4. Harder Better Faster Stronger
  5. Crescendolls
  6. Nightvision
  7. Superheroes
  8. High Life
  9. Something About Us
  10. Voyager
  11. Veridis Quo
  12. Short Circuit
  13. Face to Face
  14. Too Long

About the Album

Discovery is the second album release from Parisian house duo, Daft Punk. The album peaked at number 42 in the United States (number two in the United Kingdom). The album is certified triple platinum in France, and Gold in the United States. The album was released on March 3 2001.

Thoughts on the Album

On this edition of “Flashback Friday,” we flashback to 2001, and Daft Punk released a cult hit single titled, One More Time from their soon to be released album, Discovery. The album is a cult hit, spawning cult like status hits with One More Time, Harder Better Faster Stronger. The Parisian duo of Daft Punk changed their musical direction with Discovery, shifting from 90’s inspired (Chicago) house with their debut, Homework, to more 70’s/80’s inspired disco-pop/dance. It’s definitely a crowd-pleasing effort filled with emotion and energy.

With my little experience with house music, there seems to be a few crowds or cliques… one that demand high energy dance music, and another crowd that demands slowed down, chilled out tunes. The album seems to accomplish both with ease and it’s balanced by the energy and compression in songs like One More Time, Harder Better Faster Strongerand Crescendolls. Yet also balanced by the mellowness found in tracks like Something About Us, Veridis Quo, and Face to Face.

With One More Time, it starts off with a boom of electro pop goodness. The song is so infectiously catchy, I have serious doubts if anyone could not start dancing or singing along to it. The hooks are catchy as hell, the bass line is driving, the breakdowns are wonderful, and the build ups are sweeping.

The album continues with Aerodynamic, a catchy and spacey instrumental. The song starts off where One More Time left off with the bells at the end, before bursting with sonic keyboard effects that create this funky beat. But! Just over a minute in, those crazy Parisians throw you a curveball with a guitar solo that comes out of left field seemingly. After the solo ends, it shifts into more fast paced funk before slowing and down and flowing into the next track…

Digital Love. Digital Love is seemingly a love song featuring vocals by the Parisian duo and powered by lyrics (written by Daft Punk themselves) and keyboards/synthesizers. The middle section of Digital Love features a bridge that is comprised of electric piano, grinding away, creating it’s own unique sound. This is then followed by a guitar solo that will… well let me put it a few ways: if it doesn’t left you awestruck, it’ll blow your head off with it’s pace and technical nature. This all leads into…

Harder Better Faster Stronger, the final of the four dance anthems on the album. To say the very least: it’s the perfect dance floor anthem.

As for the rest of the album, the middle section (tracks 5-8), features three songs that hold their own: Nightvision, Superheroes, and High Life. The quality seemingly dipped in this section. If Crescendolls was the weakest song on the entire album, the section would have been better. The latter and ending section (tracks 9-14), starts to pick up again, with some songs having soft beats and clean spoken vocals. The track Face to Face very well could have been a single from the album. The slow beat and electronic elements of the song combined with Ted Edwards’ created a song that holds its own.


If you are going to listen to this album, watch the anime film that is supposed to accompany the album, Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. That way you can fully understand just how great the album (and the music) truly is. While the album dips slightly after an incredible (and strong) opening, it continues to fight back for your attention. And that’s what separates it from others like it.

ADHD/TL;dr version: This album is good!


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