Year 2, Day 26: The Steve Miller Band is Flying Like an Eagle

Year 2, Album 26: Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle


  1. Space Intro
  2. Fly Like an Eagle
  3. Wild Mountain Honey
  4. Serenade
  5. Dance, Dance, Dance
  6. Mercury Blues
  7. Take the Money and Run
  8. Rock’n Me
  9. You Send Me
  10. Blue Odyssey
  11. Sweet Maree
  12. The Window

About the Album

Fly Like an Eagle is the ninth studio album from American rock and rollers, the Steve Miller Band. The album was released in May of 1976. The album was massive commercial success, spawning singles, Fly Like an Eagle, Take the Money and Run, and Rock’n Me. The album is certified quadruple platinum. The album also peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 in 1976.

Thoughts on the Album

In today’s post, we are going old school, and by “old school” I mean 1970’s rock and roll. I first remember hearing Steve Miller Band‘s Take the Money and Run when I was about five or six years old during bath time. My dad used to play the same radio station every Sunday night during bath time: 98.1 WOGL Philadelphia, PA. As I grew up I gained an appreciation for what is now, classic rock. One day while I was home sick during High School, I discovered my dad’s record collection and pulled a record out. The album I pulled out was Steve Miller Band‘s Fly Like an EagleI was about fourteen at the teen and I instantly fell in love with the music.

Today’s album in the 40 for 40, is Steve Miller Band’s Fly Like an EagleIt’s an album that is not only synonymous with classic rock, but synonymous with the decade of the 1970’s. It’s another band and album that influenced many listeners and future bands as well.

Each song on Fly Like an Eagle are catchy with mix of rock and bluesy sound that also have an inane and immeasurable ability to rock out. Which is highlighted perfectly in one of the best songs off the album, Take the Money and Run. The song itself is simple, with a hint of Southern United States rock lyrics. It’s extremely catchy, and I bet you’ll probably sing along to it.

Another example of the ability of the songs on this album to rock out is found in Rock’n Me. It’s another extremely catchy song that begins with it’s trademark chunky guitar riff before transitioning to a pure rocking, yet relaxing sound. Outside of the trademark chorus of “Keep on a Rock’n me, baby” it has one of most recognizable lines (in my opinion)…

I went from Phoenix, Arizona,

All the way to Tacoma,

Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A.

Northern California where the girls are warm,

So I could be with my sweet baby, yeah

Of course, the title track, Fly Like an Eagle is more of the same found throughout the album. To get the full effect from Fly Like an Eagle, you need to listen to the first track, Space Intro. It’s from there that Fly Like an Eagle gets it’s relaxing, smoothing, yet psychedelic sound. Simplicity is what this song excels at.

Overall, the album is well rounded. The instrumentation and vocals of the album are smooth, well rounded. It’s definitely an album for the decade.


What more can I say. Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band has everything a great album needs. It is definitely a quintessential 1970’s rock album. Moreover, it is definitely deserving of belonging on Rolling Stone‘s Top 500 Rock Albums of All Time. Definitely listen to Rock’n Me and Take the Money and Run. 


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